Diablo 4 Beta: Ashava World Boss Spawn Times and Location

The best loot in the Diablo 4 beta is held hostage by the evil Ashava, but this world boss will only leave its lair four times during each beta period.

Ashava Diablo 4
Photo: Activision Blizzard

Giant, roaming bosses are nothing new in dungeon crawlers, including the Diablo series, but usually encountering (and surviving) them is a matter of luck. During the Diablo 4 betas, players will encounter the “gigaboss” Ashava with some regularity, but only because it will stick to a specific spawn schedule. If you want to fight this towering abomination for a chance at some sweet loot, you will have to follow its schedule as well.

Since beta participants will be limited to Diablo 4’s first act and opening level, the Fractured Peaks, they will also get to fight the game’s first world boss: Ashava. This towering demon is touted as a “whirlwind of pestilence” and is easily identified by her signature forearm blades and colossal stature. Blizzard suggests players do not try to fight Ashava alone (hence her world boss status). Unlike most Diablo 4 bosses, though, Ashava isn’t just waiting for beta players to just waltz into her lair. In order to fight this pest of the peaks, you have to find her first.

Ashava will spawn for only one day per beta period. During the Early Access test, Ashava will spawn on March 18 at 10 am, 12 pm, 10 pm, and midnight PDT. As for the Open Beta, Ashava will spawn on March 25 at 10 am, 12 pm, 10 pm, and midnight PDT. Admittedly, this schedule mostly caters to audiences who live on the West Coast since who in their right mind would wait until 3 am EST to fight Ashava? (Editor’s Note: I would, probably – Matt)

As of writing, we haven’t fought Ashava because she’s still hiding, so we aren’t 100% sure where she will spawn. However, some outlets and dataminers claim Ashava will rise out of The Crucible, which is in the bottom-right area of the Fractured Peaks. Judging by a video of a very early build of Diablo 4, prior to Ashava’s rampage, a timer will pop up in the game’s UI, right below the minimap. This ticking clock will tell players how long they have until Ashava is ready for a beatdown. Once we know more about her exact spawn habits, we’ll be sure to pass that info along.

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Going by that early build and other information available, Ashava will primarily attack by biting, leaping around the battlefield, and slamming the ground with her fists. She will also spit waves of poison to coat the ground in toxic hazards, but Ashava’s most dangerous attack lies in her oversized claws. Occasionally, she will extend these claws and rake the arena with them for massive damage. In the early video, players could stagger Ashava and even break off one of her talons, but doing so also unlocked a new ground pound attack for Ashava. With luck, Ashava hasn’t changed much since then, and this clip will serve as a reliable guide on how to vanquish her.

If you plan on playing the beta, let us know if you also plan on fighting Ashava. And if you are reading this after fighting her, did you win? What fancy loot did you pillage off her corpse? We are dying to know.