Dead Island 2: Best and Worst Characters In the Game

Dead Island 2 allows you to choose between six playable characters, but some Slayers are just better and worse than others.

Dead Island 2 Feature
Photo: Deep Silver

Dead Island 2 is at its best when the game is just letting you kill as many zombies as possible in the twisted town of Hell-A. Of course, the game is even more fun when you pick the playable slayer that lets you kill as many zombies as possible as effectively as possible.

While all of Dead Island 2‘s playable characters can get you through the game, some are simply better than others. That being the case, here’s a power ranking of every playable character in the game and why you should (or shouldn’t) pick them.

Dead Island 2 Bruno

6. Bruno

Backstab: Bruno gets a moderate Damage boost when attacking zombies from behind.
Rapid Reprisal: Boost Bruno’s Agility and Heavy Attack Charges when he avoids attacks with a Block or Dodge.

Buno is Dead Island 2‘s version of the basic Rogue archetype, which means he boasts high critical damage and is looking to backstab zombies.

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While critical damage is incredibly valuable in Dead Island 2, Bruno’s starting abilities are quite bad. That moderate damage boost just doesn’t make up for the overall difficulty of actually pulling off a backstab. Furthermore, the boost to Agility and Heavy Attack Charges Bruno gets when he blocks or dodges honestly feels like it belongs to a different character.

Bruno’s damage potential is quite high, but that’s a late-game asset, and other characters have more to offer in the meantime.

Dead Island 2 Amy

5. Amy

Relief Pitcher: Amy regains Stamina when hitting a zombie with a weapon throw.
Divide and Conquer: Amy gets a minor Damage boost when she attacks isolated zombies.

Amy is a strange character. Her Agility and Critical Damage stats are very high, which is nice given that those are two of the most valuable stats in the game.

However, Amy’s abilities are…how to put it…quite bad. Attacking isolated zombies just doesn’t happen that often, and regaining Stamina when you throw a weapon is only occasionally useful.

If you don’t mind not being able to rely on your innate abilities, then Amy is a good overall pick for her stats alone. Otherwise, just leave her be.

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Dead Island 2 Ryan

4. Ryan

Retaliation: Ryan gets a moderate Force boost when using Block or Dodge to avoid an attack.
Seesaw: Ryan regains health each time he knocks down a zombie.

Ryan finds himself near the middle of this list, which is pretty appropriate given that he’s pretty average across the board.

Ryan is a tank, pure and simple. He lacks Agility, but his amazing Toughness allows him to stay in most fights. While his abilities are not individually impressive, they synergize incredibly well with his basic playstyle. Go into the fray, unleash some heavy hits, and repeat throughout the rest of the game.

Ryan isn’t a very exciting character, but he’s a solid pick for the uncertain.

Dani Dead Island 2

3. Dani

Thunderstruck: Dani’s Heavy Attacks trigger a Forceful explosion on impact.
Bloodlust: Dani regains health when slaying multiple zombies in quick succession.

Dani is an odd character. A quick look at her abysmal Health Regeneration stat will probably be enough to convince you to never pick her. However, there is so much more to Dani than that.

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Simply put, Dani’s abilities are amazing. Bloodlust immediately makes up for her lack of natural Health Regeneration, and Thunderstruck is a devastating skill throughout the game. Ideally, Dani will weave in and out of fights in order to pick her spots and make the most out of her primary abilities.

Dani’s risk/reward playstyle leans a bit more toward the risk side of things, but she’s an excellent pick for experienced players.

Dead Island 2 Carla

2. Carla

Mosh Pit: Carla gets a minor damage boost when close to multiple zombies.
Dig Deep: Carla gets a moderate toughness boost while her health is critical.

Carla’s base stats are obviously not great. Actually, they’re pretty bad. However, Carla is one of those characters who show how valuable those innate abilities can be.

Mosh Pit is quite simply one of the best overall abilities in the game. You’ll be fighting around multiple zombies a lot in this game, and that ability grants Carla a noticeable damage boost in such situations. Basically, Carla is best equipped to take on hordes of zombies single-handedly, which is as valuable as it is fun.

Carla is a great pick for solo players who just want to kill as many zombies as possible.

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Dead Island 2 Jacob

1. Jacob

Feral: Jacob gets a stackable minor damage boost when attacking in quick succession.
Critical Gains: Jacob’s Critical hits when stamina is low get a moderate Critical Damage boost and regain Stamina.

Jacob isn’t a gimmicky character, but that’s kind of what makes him the best overall Slayer in Dead Island 2.

Jacob’s generous stat distribution is certainly an asset, but his innate skills are just phenomenal. The best way to play Jacob is to just keep attacking as quickly as you can. He doesn’t run out of Stamina easily and, when he does, it makes him significantly more powerful.

Jacob is an incredibly aggressive character whose only real weakness (Resilience) isn’t really that important to begin with. You just can’t go wrong with Jacob.