Crucible: Release Date, Trailer, and Gameplay Details

Amazon-developed shooter Crucible combines elements of shooters and RPGs as part of an intriguing multiplayer alternative.

Amazon Crucible
Photo: Amazon

Amazon’s highly-anticipated shooter Crucible is part of the company’s plan to expand further into the world of video gaming (which includes their upcoming video game streaming service).

If the name Crucible rings a bell, that’s because Amazon announced the game back in 2016 during a Twitch event. They didn’t share many details regarding the title at that time and, according to Amazon representatives, quite a lot has changed since then.

“It’s the active involvement of hundreds and hundreds of people over very long periods of time that gets to a great product,” says Louis Castle, a member of Amazon’s Relentless game studio, regarding the game’s prolonged development. “Thankfully, we’re with a company that has the resources to let this new team fully gel and get a great expression out there.”

Crucible will be a competitive online shooter that currently emphasizes class elements and abilities. Some close to the project initially drew comparisons to MOBA titles, so expect it to share some DNA with Overwatch and even the upcoming Riot shooter, Valorant. It will primarily focus on a conflict between alien and human hunters with players being able to choose whether they play as aliens or humans. The lineup so far includes characters like a trucker named Earl and a robot botanist known as Bugg.

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Interestingly, it seems that the game will also utilize some RPG elements by encouraging you to collect a resource known as Essence which buffs your character’s abilities. You’ll need them to win the game’s three primary modes of play: Heart of the Hives (a 4v4 PvPvE scenario), Harvester Command (an 8v8 battle to be the team who controls the most resources), and Alpha Hunters (a 16-player battle royale mode featuring teams of two)

As for Crucible‘s intended release date, it sounds like the plan was for Crucible to be unveiled/released sometime in March. However, complications caused as a result of the spread of the coronavirus have forced Amazon to push that date back a bit.

Regardless, it’s interesting to see how Crucible has been coming along so far. Amazon is planning on pushing into the games market in a big way between the release of their New World MMO, potential upcoming Lord of the Rings games, and that aforementioned streaming service, but as the popularity of shooter titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty show, few things can draw as much attention as a globally popular competitive online game.

Here is everything else we know about Crucible:

Crucible Release Date

Crucible is officially set to launch via Steam on May 20. There is no word on console ports at this time.

Crucible Trailer

Here’s a brief first look at what makes Crucible so exciting and what sets it apart: