Bowsette: Nintendo Confirms Character Doesn’t Exist

The incredibly popular Bowsette will not appear in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Nintendo confirms she's not even real.

Bowsette is dead, long live Peachette! Nintendo has confirmed that Bowsette will not appear as an official character in New Super Marios Bros. U Deluxe. According to the game’s official website, only Toadette can use the Super Crown to transform into a Princess Peach-like character. This is certainly terrible news for those Nintendo fans who have dreamed for months of playing as the horned Peach-Bowser mutation that’s become the subject of countless internet memes and even an adult film.

If you’re not caught up on the Bowsette phenomenon…well, brace yourself because this one is about to get weird. There’s this item in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe called the Super Crown which was initially thought to be an item that could transform any character in the game into some kind of version of Princess Peach (we know now that this is not the case). What initially caught the internet’s attention is the fact that when Toadette puts the crown on, she becomes Peachette. This raised many questions regarding what other characters would look like upon putting on the Super Crown. 

The conversation became that much more interesting when people started asking, “What happens when Bowser puts on the Super Crown?”

The people of the internet decided that such an interaction should result in a character named Bowsette. Who is Bowsette? She’s the Princess Peach version of Bowser that developed quite a following despite the fact that she technically didn’t exist within the Mario universe. Artist aykk92 is credited for popularizing the idea via a comic strip in which Mario leaves Peach for Bowsette. 

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That’s far from the only piece of fan art that portrays Bowsette, though. Plenty of artists on the internet had their own interpretation of what this character would look like. Most seemed to agree that she would sport a pair of horns and a black dress. There were people cosplaying as Bowsette and others who argued that her technical name should be “Peacher” (based on the Toadette to Peachette transformation). 

Before you start diving deep into this particular fan art well, you should know that the obsession with Bowsette (as we choose to call her) even spiraled into fan art porn. Actually, it got there pretty quickly. 

Soon enough, Bowsette became more than a meme. Modders began adding her as a playable character in popular Nintendo games. Bowsette fans hoping to one day challenge Calamity Ganon for the fate of Hyrule with their favorite meme princess can play as the character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, thanks to a mod by Lynard Killer (via Kotaku). 

While some might say that this mod is an excuse to show Bowsette in her underwear (NSFW, we guess…), Lynard Killer has gone beyond a simple skin swap. You can check out the mod below:

Bowsette was also made playable in Super Mario 64 by modder Kaze Emanuar. Declaring that someone paid him to “do this shit,” Emanuar said at the time that this wasn’t really something he wanted to do. However, he did put quite a bit of effort into this commissioned mod. Not only does Bowsette have her own voice lines, but she can also shoot a fireball that pretty much instantly destroys anything in her path. Emanuar left a download for the character here for any of the “fucking perverts” (Emanuar’s words, not ours) who wish to play Super Mario 64 as Bowsette. 

Elsewhere on YouTube, GandaKris – a creator known for her amazing custom creations – turned Bowsette into an Amiibo. In a video, GandaKris shows you how to turn the standard Princess Peach Amiibo into a version of Bowsette. The process involves a fair amount of work (and some skills), but the final result really does look pretty good. 

Alas, she came to us in a dream, but now we’ve awoken to a sad reality: there is no Bowsette. There never was. 

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