Best Starfield Spacesuits: Where to Find the Most Powerful Armor

It’s a big galaxy out there. Are you sure you’re properly prepared? The best Starfield spacesuits will help you survive many journeys among the stars.

Photo: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield is home to around 1,000 planets, most of which you can set foot on. However, not every explorable rock supports human life. Some planets don’t protect you from radiation the way Earth’s ozone layer does, while others are so hot they would boil you from the inside out. To survive on these planets, you need a spacesuit. Plus, these protective outfits do wonders in a firefight.

Like many modern games, Starfield essentially orbits around loot. You can collect weapons, resources, and of course spacesuits. Since the game runs on a level scaling system, the items you find (spacesuits included) near the end of the game will invariably surpass the loot you pinched earlier in your adventure. Even still, some spacesuits are generally and invariably better than others. Here are some of the best ones you can acquire (at least from a set location).

Pirate Assault Spacesuit Starfield

Pirate Assault Spacesuit

Pirates will be a constant thorn in your side for most of Starfield. No matter where you go or what you do, you will eventually cross paths with these spacefaring marauders. While you will always have to fight to survive their attacks, at least they will usually leave behind plenty of loot for you to use, including spacesuits.

Pirate Spacesuits come in several flavors, including Assault, Sniper, Charger, and Corsair. Out of all of these variations, Assault is generally the most well-rounded. Since the others are either too heavy for their defense stats or don’t have good resistances. Pirate Assault Spacesuits start at 61 physical, 45 energy, and 53 electromagnetic damage resistance, and generally have 20 thermal, 30 corrosive, and 10 radiation resistance. To acquire this armor, just start shooting and looting Crimson Fleet pirate enemies. Eventually, you’ll earn a full set.

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Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit Starfield

Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit

During character creation, you can select up to three traits, most of which tie into the game’s different factions. One of the game’s more entertaining traits is “Kid’s Stuff,” which lets you bump into your character’s parents from time to time. For the low cost of a weekly stipend (2% of your credits every week) you also get access to a free bed and unique items, including Gran Gran’s Spacesuit.

Since the protagonist’s gran-gran was a member of the United Colonies Marines, her armor boasts some pretty hefty stats compared to most other pieces of early-game armor.  With a minimum of 76 physical, 60 energy, and 68 electromagnetic damage resistance, this armor will get you through most firefights. Plus with 35 thermal, 10 airborne, 20 corrosive, and 15 radiation resistance, Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit is a solid choice for most planets. So long as you have the Kid’s Stuff trait, you’re basically guaranteed to acquire this armor during your third visit with your parents. Just visit your character’s parents’ home after receiving their mom’s note. Unlike other unique spacesuit sets, though, you need to supply your own pack.

Mercury Spacesuit Starfield

Mercury Spacesuit

In most sci-fi settings where humanity colonizes the stars, Earth is generally portrayed as the center of human society. Not in Starfield. The planet has been uninhabited since 2203 due to experiments that allowed mankind to eventually escape the Earth and colonize other worlds, but if you visit the planet and its moon, you can acquire the decidedly old-school Mercury Spacesuit.

At first glance, the Mercury Spacesuit looks like a prop designed back when TV shows and movies were shot in black-and-white. But don’t let its seemingly thin construction fool you; this outfit is solid. You’re looking at least 90 resistance for each damage type and an even 25 environmental resistance across the board. You can find this full set of armor inside a glass case when you visit NASA during the mission “Unearthed.” 

Mantis Spacesuit Starfield

Mantis Spacesuit

Most spacesuit sets in Starfield follow a specific design philosophy, but some take liberties to create a unique outfit unlike anything else in the game. Depending on where you go, the Mantis Spacesuit could be your first truly special piece of armor.

Unlike almost every other spacesuit in the game, the Mantis set looks like it belongs in a high-concept sci-fi game like Destiny, not the more grounded (comparatively speaking) Starfield. But don’t let appearances fool you. The spacesuits’ stats speak for themselves. You’re looking at 116 physical, 84 energy, and 100 electromagnetic damage reduction, in addition to 15 thermal, 30 airborne, and 15 radiation resistance. On top of that, the spacesuit “rolls” a random collection of high-value modifiers.

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However, these hefty stats come with a hefty cost. Not only is the spacesuit heavy, but you can only acquire it from a secret side quest that starts from obtaining the “Secret Outpost” datapad. Just keep killing Spacers until you get it; many gamers seem to have luck in the Nova Galactic Staryard within the Sol system. Then, follow the instructions, and you will eventually acquire the Mantis Spacesuit, as well as the powerful Razorleaf ship.

Mark 1 Spacesuit Starfield

Mark 1 Spacesuit

Early in Starfield, you join Constellation, one of the game’s many factions. Not only does this group of starfaring explorers give you your first in-game “house” (which includes every crafting table type available), but they even give you your own Mark 1 Spacesuit.

The Mark 1 Spacesuit has some pretty hefty stats. These include 120, physical, 136 energy, and 128 electromagnetic damage reduction, 20 thermal resistance, 30 corrosive resistance, and 10 radiation resistance. You can find the suit, plus its helmet and pack, in the basement of Constellation’s home base, the Lodge. These items are on display in a locked glass cabinet, and in order to get the suit set, you need the Rank 3 Security skill. Or do you? As of writing, the cabinet has a tiny gap, and if you line your cursor up properly, you can interact with the mannequin inside and steal the Mark 1 Spacesuit using the power of video game logic.

Bounty Hunter Spacesuit Starfield

Bounty Hunter Spacesuit

As previously stated, the “Secret Outpost” note leads you to the amazing Mantis armor and Razorleaf ship, but those aren’t the only special items up for grabs. If you look carefully, you might find something even more powerful waiting in the wings.

The Bounty Hunter Spacesuit is a bulky piece of protection, and if you squint hard enough, it kind of sort of looks like Boba Fett’s armor. With 128 physical, 132 energy, and 136 electromagnetic damage reduction, Starfield’s Bounty Hunter suit will get you through most firefights. Moreover, this outfit will keep you safe in most environments with its even 15 resistance against all environmental hazards.

You can find this suit in the same base you raid as part of the Secret Outpost mission. After heading down some stairs, look for the room next to a large glass window. A small living quarters with a bed are next to the window, and the Bounty Hunter Spacesuit is found in the container on top of the bed. However, this locker only contains the actual suit; if you want the rest of the Bounty Hunter set, you will need to kill Spacers. 

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Nishina Spacesuit Starfield

Nishina Spacesuit

The “Entangled” mission is a tense journey through two realities fighting for existence, and you determine which one survives. Do you save the universe with Rafael, or do you save all the other NPCs in the Nishina lab? It’s the sci-fi equivalent of the trolley thought experiment, only this time you can actually rescue everyone. If you do, you receive the Nishina Spacesuit.

The Incendiary Experimental Nishina Spacesuit, or Nishina Spacesuit for short, is one of the most powerful outfits you can acquire in any Starfield run. The suit sports a massive 137 physical, 149 energy, and 153 electromagnetic damage reduction, as well as 15 thermal, 30 corrosive, and 15 radiation resistance. This armor more than earns its status as a Legendary item, but to acquire it, well, that takes a lot of dimension hopping and some lateral thinking. Moreover, the process is a secret route the UI doesn’t spell out for you.

To start, interact with the Lab Control Computer and select the “Decaussing” file. Click “Initiate Degaussing,” and the computer will tell you which Power Interlock switches you need. Interact with the requisite switches twice (once to disengage them, and again to engage them). Then swap universes and repeat the process, making sure to remember which reality requires which degaussed switches.

Next, revisit the Lab Control Computer and select “Frequency Calibration.” Get the universe frequencies as close as possible by selecting output frequencies in each dimension. This might take a few tries, but once the screen says that the Intake Waveform is “Stable,” you’re done. Activate the Primary Calibration Control in both realities and watch the fireworks. Once all of existence has stopped spinning, you’ll receive the coveted Nishina Spacesuit. Oh, and when starting this mission, don’t forget to talk to Ethan and persuade him to hand over the Experiment A-7 shotgun.

Starborn Spacesuits Starfield

Starborn Spacesuits 

After you beat Starfield’s story, what is there left to do? Unlike other Bethesda games, Starfield includes a New Game+ mode that lets you retread the story, make new decisions in quests, and push your character’s skills to higher heights. Also, you get one of the strongest spacesuits in the game.

As soon as you start your first New Game+, you receive the Starborn Spacesuit Astra, which is one of the few outfits in the game with stats that are as high as they are balanced. This suit provides 149 damage resistance to all three types and a solid 50 resistance to thermal, airborne, corrosive, and radiation. Each time you finish a New Game+ run and roll into your next one, Starfield provides the next Starborn Spacesuit in the line, up to a maximum of 10.

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The Starborn armors cap at Venator, which provides a whopping 246 damage resistance for each damage type, and environmental resistances remain the same throughout. You don’t have to do anything else to get these outfits, which makes them the hardest to obtain but also the strongest you will ever see.