Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update: Mr. Resetti Cameo Stuns Franchise Fans

Mr. Resetti returns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update, but he's not quite the taskmaster that he used to be.

Mr. Resetti
Photo: Nintendo

While we assumed that Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update was going to feature a few surprises, few fans predicted that the update’s best Easter egg would include a cameo from the infamous Mr. Resetti.

For those who don’t know, Mr. Resetti is a mole who debuted in the first Animal Crossing game and quickly became a series regular. As the name suggests, Resetti is practically obsessed with making sure that you properly save your game before resetting. In fact, if you hit reset in the GameCube version of Animal Crossing without saving first, Resetti appears and chastizes you for your risky behavior. The more you reset your game without saving, the harsher Resetti’s speeches get. He might even make you believe that you’ve just lost all of your progress if you hit the reset button carelessly one too many times.

Mr. Resetti serves a similar role in subsequent Animal Crossing games, though he strangely became a little kinder over time. While he would often advise players to make sure they saved their games properly, he toned down on the lectures quite a bit and was no longer as stern as he once was.

In fact, Nintendo eventually “fired” Resetti due largely to the fact that ACNH‘s autosave features meant that his lectures weren’t nearly as relevant or valuable as they may have once been. As such, most fans just kind of assumed that Resetti would never appear in the game or would perhaps have to find a new role in order to rejoin the series’ roster of regulars.

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Well, it turns out that Resetti does make a cameo in ACNH‘s 2.0 update, and it seems that he’s used his time away from the game to reflect on his prior life and turn over something of a new leaf.

Once you unlock Brewster’s cafe in the new update, you’ll have the option of inviting certain villagers/characters for a drink or even waiting for some to stop by and hang out. Surprisingly, Resetti is one of the characters you can invite over for a cup of coffee, though fans have quickly noticed that Resetti just doesn’t seem to be quite as angry as he once was.

What caused this sudden change in heart? Well, we already mentioned that ACNH‘s new save features may have caused Resetti to reexamine his purpose, but it also sounds like Resetti may have changed his entire philosophy on the very idea of resetting your game.

While it’s lovely to think that Resetti might have taken a little time to reexamine his harsh positions and realized that life does indeed need a reset button from time to time, some players have also found a curious line of dialog that strongly suggests that this Resetti is not the original Resetti and may actually be his brother.

While Nintendo hasn’t confirmed this bombshell “two Resettis” theory, that could certainly help explain why this Resetti isn’t wearing the character’s trademark construction hat. Then again, he is enjoying some personal time, so only a monster would expect him to somehow be on-call even when he’s trying to sip on a cup of coffee and really take it all in.

Whatever the explanation is, we’re glad that Resetti is back in some way, and we’re certainly glad that he seems to have gotten his anger under control over the years.

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