Quiz: The Week In Geek – Godzilla, Gavin & Stacey, Death Stranding and more

It's another big week for geek culture, but were you paying enough attention? Try your hand at our quiz to find out...

It’s Friday, which means it must be time for Den Of Geek’s new-ish regular feature: The Week In Geek Quiz, which now enters its third week of brain-teasing fun!

In this weekly challenge, we curate a small-ish collection of questions to see just how much attention you’ve been paying to what we’ve been rabbitting on about for the last seven days. If you dare tackle the task, you’ll face 12 questions, which will cover the latest happenings in movies, TV and games.

This week, to give you a few little clues about what to expect, we’ve been pretty busy: on the film side, we reviewed Godzilla: King Of The Monsters and interviewed its director; in gaming, we dissected the trailer for the upcoming video game Death Stranding, and we ran through 20 of the best free games that are currently on the market; and we also gawked at a bumper week for telly-based excitement, which gave us the announcement of a Gavin & Stacey comeback and the arrival of Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens TV series.

So, do you reckon you can take on a barrage of questions that cover those topics and a bunch of others from the past half-fortnight of nerdy goings-on? If so, read on, and try your hand at this week’s edition of The Week In Geek Quiz.

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How did you do? If you got a full house score of 12/12, we salute you! If we tripped you up with our tricksy ways, please accept our sincerest apologies! And please feel free to compare scores in the comments below…