Quiz: The Week In Geek – Doom Patrol, Team Rocket, the MCU!

Will you navigate our tricky questions and silly answers to get a perfect score in this week's qeeky quiz?

It’s Friday, and the UK’s hottest week in living memory is nearly at its end. But before we retreat into a paddling pool for the weekend, it’s time for a deep dive into nerdy knowledge with The Week In Geek Quiz!

This is the weekly slot on the site where we have a little bit of fun, all the while testing just how much attention you’ve been paying to geeky culture in the last seven days. You’ll face twelve questions, ranging from the mildly difficult to the downright silly. In truth, we have a good time coming up with fake answers to try and make you laugh. Or at least raise a wry smile. Alright, we’d settle for a head shaken at a terrible pun.

If it’s clues that you’re after, we’ll give you a few teasers before we get started: on the movies side this week, we kicked things off with some bumper coverage of Marvel’s Phase Four reveal at San Diego Comic Con; in telly land, we’ve been following the final season of Orange Is The New Black and the exciting renewal of Doom Patrol; and in games, we’ve been taking on Team Rocket in Pokémon Go and trying our hands at Borderlands 3.

To get full marks in this week’s quiz, you’ll need to have a decent knowledge of all those franchises, or at least a keen eye for spotting a fake answer. A skill for taking random punts might help, as well! Whichever way you pick your answers, the time to get started is now! Here it is, then, this week’s edition of The Week In Geek Quiz…

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