Quiz: The Week In Geek – Spider-Man, Gremlins, Pokémon and more

Pit your wits against our weekly collection of geeky questions...

Blimey, is it that time of the week already? Apparently so! It’s Friday, which means it’s time for The Week In Geek Quiz, our round-up of nerdy knowledge from the last seven days. It’s designed to test just how much attention you’ve been paying to the geekosphere. Although that’s not a word, is it?

As ever, we’ve been rambling merrily away about the things we’re passionate about, and you’ve been kind enough to read some of our wangings on (hopefully). If you’re looking for some clues about what to expect in the quiz, here are some select highlights of what we’ve been up to this week: after a visit to Nintendo, we reported back on the watery demo for Pokémon Sword and Shield; with Peter Parker swinging back into cinemas, we obsessed over Easter eggs in Spider-Man: Far From Home; and in the world of telly, we rejoiced at the return of the marvellous medieval drama Knightfall.

It’s been a busy one, as usual! But have you managed to retain the relevant morsels of geeky wisdom that will help you earn a perfect score? Is your film, TV and gaming knowledge up to snuff? Is this intro long enough yet? The time has come to find out the answers to at least two of those questions. Here’s the latest edition of The Week In Geek Quiz

Did you manage to wangle a perfect score of 12, or was your nerdy knowledge found lacking? Either way, thanks for stopping by! And please feel free to let us know your score in the comments below, and give our little quiz a share if you like. We’d really appreciate it.

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