Marvel Legends Celebrates the X-Men Movie’s 20th Anniversary

It's the 20-year anniversary of the first X-Men movie. To celebrate, Hasbro's releasing figures based on the four main characters.

Marvel Legends Hugh Jackman Wolverine figure
Photo: Hasbro

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since the first X-Men movie. What a ride it’s been, right? 20th Century Fox started us off with the first installment in a franchise that was ready to talk about the social issues of the comic while being half-embarrassed about being a comic book movie! Wolverine’s got funny hair, but that yellow outfit…? Not happening!

Not only did X-Men help pioneer the public’s modern love for superhero movies, but it also led to one of the most fascinating movie series in history. There have been quality peaks and valleys as well as decisions that still make people scratch their heads. We’re at the point where that cinematic universe has been laid to rest thanks to Disney opening up their wallet and buying Fox, but there’s still that one New Mutants movie that just refuses to ever be released, preventing us from getting closure.

As this intriguing cinematic series hits 20, Hasbro is here to celebrate with some nifty figures based on the movies.

The boxes for Marvel Legends X-Men 20th Anniversary

Being that it’s the X-Men movie series, the figures naturally are based around the only four characters who are actually allowed to matter. Excluding Deadpool, if you count him.

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Marvel Legends Wolverine based on the X-Men movies

First, we have Wolverine. At $24.99, you get to have your very own Hugh Jackman. This street clothes Logan figure comes with two heads, whether you want your Jackman to be angry on the outside or just quietly smoldering over the fact that he has to babysit Rogue and Iceman.

Sick of playing X-Men and want to use your figures to reenact the plot of Kate and Leopold? Just remove his clawed hands and replace them with regular hands! Then get a Captain Planet Dr. Blight action figure to fill in for Kate. I guess. There really aren’t many Meg Ryan action figures, now that I think of it.

Spend $49.98 and you have enough Hugh Jackman (Jackmans? Jackmen?) to do The Prestige!

Marvel Legends Mystique based on the X-Men movies

Next up is Mystique. Is it the Rebecca Romijn version or the Jennifer Lawrence version? She’s in her nude form, meaning she had to go through all those uncomfortable hours of makeup and prosthetics, so probably not Lawrence. Then again, it’s Mystique, so you decide.

Hell, you can pretend that Wolverine figure is a Mystique figure! Just about any action figure is a Mystique action figure if you use your imagination!

With Mystique, you get to alter her hands to show whether you want them to be clenched fists or casually open. Not as exciting as choosing whether or not you want your Wolverine to have claws, but you can give her a half-transformed flesh-toned arm. It’s handy for getting past the security on Jean Grey’s smart phone.

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Mystique is also $24.99.

Finally, for $49.99, we have a two-pack of Mystique and Mystique. Seriously, play the Konami X-Men arcade game. She pretended to be both characters. This logic totally tracks.

Marvel Legends Magneto and Xavier based on the X-Men movies

Magneto and Professor Xavier have more hand options, but unlike the other marquee mutants in this Marvel Legends line, they come with the option of picking which actor you want to go with. With Xavier, you can be youthful James McAvoy or the iconic and aged Patrick Stewart. With Magneto, you can be the young Michael Fassbender or the elderly Ian McKellen, making you reflect on how Magneto looked incredibly young for decades in the movies, only to turn into a geezer all at once.

Plus they have helmets! The perfect counter to having Charles sit in his wheelchair and dramatically put his index finger on his temple.

These Marvel Legends figures with their rad, shadow-faced covers will be coming out this fall. By then, New Mutants will have been delayed three more times. You can pre-order the cinematic versions of Wolverine, Mystique, Magneto, and Xavier here.