The 10 Coolest Marvel Legends Spider-Man Family Figures

For Spider-Man fans, there are so many amazing action figures to add to your collection. Here are some of the coolest ones...

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I’m a huge Spider-Man fan, always have been. And as such, I’m frequently on the lookout for some sweet action figures of the wall-crawler and his cast of foes to add to my collection. It’s just cool to look up on a shelf or a bookcase and see a dynamically posed representation of my favorite comic book character, his supporting cast, or his villains. Maybe it’s that inner kid getting giddy at the sight of my childhood hero come to life, there to protect me, or maybe it simply looks cool.

Whatever the case may be, it’s still hard to find just the right figures to take up that limited shelf space, which is where Marvel Legends comes in. Specifically the 6” line of Spider-Man figures.

Marvel Legends has produced a lot of really interesting figures over the years, and their designs and offerings only continue to improve. One area in which they seem to shine in is the Spider-Man family of figures. Here are some of my personal favorites:

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2015 Hasbro (Hobgoblin Build-A-Figure Series)

Affectionately referred to as “Pizza Spidey,” this figure is a must-have for a Spider-Man fan! Part of the Hobgoblin Build-A-Figure series, he comes with one of the Hobgoblin’s legs, but that’s not his only accessory. He also comes with two additional sets of hands, a second head sculpt, and, yes, a slice of pizza.

While the figure itself is very well constructed and articulated, it’s the second head and pizza slice that really make this one. The second head is a half-masked, smiling Peter Parker, so when coupled with the pizza slice it makes a really fun variant for the figure. Especially since the cheese on the pizza seemingly drips down in between Spidey’s fingers when placed in his hand.

This figure really embodies the fun of Spider-Man, and gives you the option for some interesting poses. Like, for instance, on a rooftop or billboard set sitting next to a fellow hero, just like in the comics!

Black Cat

2014 Hasbro (Ultimate Green Goblin Build-A-Figure Series)

There were several female figures I considered for this list, and many good ones got cut for various reasons. So, there may be other figures technically better than Black Cat, but there are several factors that make this particular version of her stand out. It also doesn’t hurt that Black Cat is one of my favorite Spider-Man characters.

First off, the mold here is one we’ve seen in other figures, originating with Moonstone. That said, there are some nice modifications made to it that go beyond basic decor. For starters, Black Cat is wearing high-heeled boots, which makes her stand taller than other female figures using the same mold. If you put her next to Spider-Girl of the same line, her limbs and torso appear a bit thicker, giving a nice contrast between that example of a girl and the woman which Black Cat is.

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In addition to those enhancements, we do get some very nice sculpting additions with the fur around her wrists, boots and neck line. All are very nicely done. The real beauty here is the head sculpt, though. A flowing mane of white hair, highlighted with touches of blue, and one of the best female face sculpts I think I’ve seen in this whole series. She looks stunning. And while her articulation is slightly hampered by the hair, and she only comes with the one accessory, being the clawed whip, she is still an outstanding figure that beautifully adds to the aesthetic of your collection.

It should also be noted that as part of the Ultimate Green Goblin Build-A-Figure wave, she comes with the Ultimate Green Goblin torso.

Green Goblin and Unmasked Variant

2006 Toy Biz (Series 13 Onslaught “Villains Wave”)

Green Goblin is one of, if not THE greatest Spider-Man villain. Yes, he’s been overused at this point, but he’s still that one defining villain in Spider-Man’s history that stands above the rest. So no true Spider-Man collection would be complete without ol’ Gobby in it!

This is actually two figures in one because they are essentially the same character. The original figure was part of the Onslaught “Villains Wave” from Series 13 of Marvel Legends. He wears the classic green and purple that were so common back in the early days of comics. The detail on this figure is so well done for being an older figure, with intricate scales up and down his arms and legs, and the signature stocking cap pointing out from the back of the head, as if in motion. He holds a pumpkin bomb in his right hand, which can’t be removed unfortunately but it still looks cool. And the glider is a very interesting piece as well in that  it arches quite nicely allowing for a spectacular visual. It can be removed from the base so you can hang it from the ceiling or set it up however you prefer.

I included the variant here because, as I said, it’s basically the same figure. The only difference is Norman Osborn is unmasked here and is holding the Goblin mask in his hand. It’s a pretty cool variant to have in case you want to change up your display, or just stare at Osborn’s creepy face, which rivals that of the Goblin’s!

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Hasbro, 2015 (Edge of Spider-Verse, Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure Series)

Gwen Stacy is a classic character in the world of Spider-Man who, in my opinion, was taken from us far too soon. Her death certainly made an impact on Peter, and defined the Green Goblin as one of the most despicable villains in Spidey’s rogue gallery for sure. But, it also cost us the beautiful relationship between Ms. Stacy and Peter.

In recent years, the character has seen a resurgence, most notably with the introduction of Spider-Gwen, the Earth-65 version of Spider-Woman, during the Spider-Verse event. This fresh idea and brand new design made fans go crazy, this one included! Yes, she has been incredibly overused and oversaturated since, but it’s still a very cool design and exciting to have Gwen back in some shape or form.

Again, this figure uses a previous mold, but features that hip, fun design that makes this Spider-Woman stand out from the rest, hood and all! If that wasn’t enough, the figure comes with an unmasked Gwen head, hair band and all, and an alternate hood that drapes around the neck. So again, two figures in one for whatever your posing needs may be.

As part of the Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure, she also comes with his ball and chain.

The Vulture

Toy Biz 2005 (Spider-Man’s Fearsome Foes Gift Pack)

I was never a huge fan of the Vulture in the comics, but I can’t deny his stamp on classic Spider-Man. It was really this figure, though, that stood out and impressed me in a way that the comic character never did.

Part of the Fearsome Foes Gift Pack, I’m not sure if the figure could be purchased individually packaged, but it would almost be worth getting the gift pack just for the Vulture alone. Not to say the other figures in that pack aren’t equally impressive, but this one just stood out to me for a few reasons.

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First, the body sculpt on this figure is incredibly detailed, with etched-in lines forming the well-known thin vertical stripe detail of the Vulture’s costume. The detail continues with the folds of the cloth around the legs and torso. He has a good amount of articulation as well, with the wings separated allowing a range of movement. Speaking of those wings, aren’t they a work of art? The details in the feathers are exquisite, not to mention the wonderful shading and paint work presented.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the head sculpt here. When I think of the Vulture, I think of this old creepy dude and that’s exactly what we got with this sculpt. Incredible attention to detail with every little wrinkle and mark, and some impressive paint work to boot.


2001 Toy Biz (Spider-Man Classics)

While this particular figure isn’t – strictly speaking – an actual Marvel Legends figure, I had to include him on the list. Part of the first series of Toy Biz’s Spider-Man Classics line, it could be argued that this Venom figure (and others in the wave) is the precursor to the Marvel Legends line, which debuted a year later. They are based on the same design style, and often use the same molds.

This is one I’m proud to have in my personal collection because it’s so unique. This is the Eddie Brock version of Venom in mid-transformation as we see the tendrils of the symbiote cascading down his limbs. If you could see close-up, you’d notice that Brock’s eerily smiling face can be seen inside the symbiote head as it envelops him. Not to mention the odd shaped right hand in contrast with the smaller, human-sized right hand.

The attention to detail on this figure is amazing, and it’s even more impressive when posed next to other pieces. Brock in the comics is a big guy. He’s tall, lifts weights, and towers over Spider-Man. Likewise, this figure stands at nearly 7 inches, making him tower over other figures in the line.

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Ben Reilly Spider-Man

Hasbro 2015 (Edge of Spider-Verse, Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure Series)

As a fan of Ben Reilly, but also a lifelong Peter Parker fan, it was weird seeing someone else take up the mantle of Spider-Man back in 1996. But Reilly made it work, at least for me. So seeing this version of the figure realized in all its glory was thrilling.

This is the costume that Spider-Girl, aka Mayday Parker, would eventually wear and make iconic. It remains a modern spin on the classic Peter Parker Spider-Man costume, but also felt fresh and new for Reilly. It was met with mixed reactions, but I personally loved it.

Unlike the Scarlet Spider figure (coming below), the web shooters on this one have sculpted-in grooves instead of black lines, and I actually like that better. It makes it look more realistic to me. This is also the same sculpt used in “Pizza Spidey,” so if you’re a fan of that figure, you’ll like this one as well when it comes to articulation and overall design.

What’s also cool about this figure, and a nice little bonus, is the accessories. Not only does he come with three additional sets of hands – one being Carnage hands – he also comes with an additional Carnage Spidey head sculpt! So you basically have two figures in one with Carnage Spidey here!

As part of the Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure set, he also comes with Absorbing Man’s arms.

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Kraven the Hunter

Hasbro 2015 (Rhino Build-A-Figure Series)

Kraven is one of Spidey’s most feared foes. Like all of his rogues, sure, Kraven has been made light of here and there, but when he’s taken seriously, he has proven to be one of the biggest threats to ol’ webhead. Kraven’s Last Hunt remains one of the most notable stories in Spider-Man history after all.

This figure does Kraven justice better than any I’ve seen to date. He is incredibly detailed and features a brand new head sculpt and some nice features. From the stunning vest, to the nicely distressed skull knee pads, he’s rife with details to rave about for days. Whether you’re a Kraven fan or not, you can’t deny the level of detail and beauty in this figure. The cloth off the belt is tattered, there are intricate paint applications in places like the belt buckle and the design around the knees. Even the one accessory that he comes with, the spear, has some fine paint work done on the tip and in the feathers around the top.

This is another must-have for your collection if you ask me and he also comes with one of Rhino’s legs as part of the Rhino Build-A-Figure series.

Scarlet Spider

Hasbro 2015 (Rhino Build-A-Figure Series)

As I noted above, I am admittedly a huge Ben Reilly fan. Yes, he was birthed out of the Clone Saga, which may be a sore subject for some, but he was a sensational character (see what I did right there?). What I love about the Ben is that while he retained all of Peter Parker’s memories, he forged his own identity and his own life as the Scarlet Spider. For me, this was one of the coolest character designs in comics at the time as it spoke to the aesthetic of that time. Now we finally have a figure that accurately depicts that design.

From the intricately detailed cut off hoodie, to the belt and ankle straps, to the over-the-costume web shooters, this figure completely encapsulates the imagery of that first and true version of the Scarlet Spider. He has some very nice poseability as well, with a pretty sound abdominal crunch, tons of articulation, and two additional sets of interchangeable hands for wall-crawling and thwipping.

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As part of the Rhino Build-A-Figure series, he comes with two versions of Rhino’s head as well.

First Appearance Spider-Man

Toy Biz 2005 (Series 10, Sentinel Series)

This is not the most impressive figure in this list, but it is the most nostalgic and notable one. The reason being this figure is based on the first appearance of Spider-Man in Amazing Fantasy #15. And therefore, another must-have for true Spider-Man fans!

The classic look of this figure with the web wings and the darker (almost black) blue color in contrast to the slightly deeper red really stands out and reminds one of that famous cover that has been duplicated and imitated so many times over the years. Whether it’s true or not, I feel this costume was the inspiration for the Miles Morales costume.

He has your typical amount of articulation as well, but with a little something extra: individually articulated fingers! That’s right, you can move his fingers into thwipping mode, an only slightly awkward looking fist, or whatever configuration you desire. That most likely makes them a bit more prone to breaking, but allows for a number of posing options.

The web wings are a little strange as they attach with little bands around the limbs and neck, but it can be taken off if you so desire.

Honorable Mentions:

Mary Jane, Spider-Man Trilogy Series

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Doc Ock, Spider-Man Trilogy Series

Spider-Woman, Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 2 (Jessica Drew, 2015)

Spider-Girl, Hobgoblin Series (MayDay Parker, 2015)