Link Tank: The Must-See Shows on Broadway in 2020

Broadway shows to see in 2020, the largest ever study on the genetics of anxiety, plus more in today's Link Tank!

Beetlejuice on Broadway

If you have a chance to visit New York City in 2020, be sure not to miss these wonderful plays happening on Broadway.

“Broadway operates in waves. The first comes in the fall when a host of new shows open just before the influx of Christmastime tourists. The second arrives in the spring, as plays and musicals clamor for Tony Awards consideration. That being said: There’s truly never a bad time to see some great theater.  But what to see? Good thing you’re here. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite productions that debuted within the past three years.”

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The largest ever study on the genetics of anxiety is yielding new potential results for treatment.

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“The future of anxiety treatments could go the way of oncology and cardiology, as scientists inch closer to treating the condition using precision medicine — drug treatments that are specifically tailored to one’s genetic and biochemical profile. Anxiety is notoriously hard to treat using standard therapies, but a precision medicine approach promises to actually work.”

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A fan has made a ’90s trailer for Netflix’s The Witcher and it’s amazing.

“Jason Alan Dewey cut together a ‘’90s VHS Netflix’ intro for The Witcher, complete with a metal cover of the show’s earworm song ‘Toss a Coin to Your Witcher.’ The video got traction on social media this weekend (I first saw it on the Twitter account @WitcherStuff), and it renders the already-campy The Witcher into a high camp classic.”

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When did Emperor Palpatine, who had no romantic interests as far as we know in the Star Wars universe, create Rey’s father?

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“This is a thing we know. But the real question isn’t really if Sheev did the deed. It’s more about when. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker establishes some intriguing things about Emperor Palpatine throughout its twisty-turny, fanservice-laden narrative. Not only is the Emperor reborn, sustained by Sith Eternal magics and his own hate to reforge his order from the planet Exegol, but he’s been doing it in service of one goal: to lure his granddaughter to the Dark Side of the Force, to create an Empress of the Sith that he and the living memory of the Dark Siders before him could possess and influence.”

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The “Big O” from Origin and Corsair combines a gaming console with PC.

“New from Origin and Corsair, the ‘Big O’ (yes, that’s really its name) is a system unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Combining a gaming PC, console, and an optional capture card into one machine, this triforce of systems merges two worlds that perhaps until today wouldn’t even want to be seen in the same room together, let alone share the same cooling system.”

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An Earth-like, potentially habitable planet has been discovered by NASA over 100 light-years away.

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“The body orbits the cool M-dwarf star TOI 700 in the Dorado constellation 100 light-years away from Earth. According to NASA, the planet, dubbed TOI 700 d, is about 20 percent larger than our own and it sits at just the right distance from its sun to support liquid water. It’s one of three planets in the solar system, the others likely being an Earth-sized rocky planet and a gas planet 2.6 times the size of Earth. TOI 700 d is believed to be tidally locked, meaning only one half faces the sun at all times, and orbits there last approximately 37 Earth days.”

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Is your reading list emptying? Our friends over at The Week has some addtions for you!

“New year, new books to read. Oh, if only it worked that way. Personally, I’m still catching up on my reading from 2019 ( and 2018 and 2017). But “too many books” definitely isn’t a part of my vocabulary, and it shouldn’t be in yours, either. From long-awaited prequels and sequels to explosive debuts, from moving memoirs to insightful cultural analyses, the decade is starting off strong. Trust me: If there was ever a year to set an ambitious reading goal, this would be it.”

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