Link Tank: Christopher Reeve’s Superman Cape Is Being Auctioned Off

Christopher Reeve's Superman cape, why doesn't Christopher Nolan allow chairs on set, '90s summer blockbusters, plus more news!

Christopher Reeve’s Superman cape is being auctioned off, and it’s expected to fetch a price as high as $40,000.

“There’s been no shortage of memorabilia from the Superman film franchise starring Christopher Reeve, but a new item being offered by Julien’s Auctions could be considered a cut above other film props. It’s a cape worn by Reeve for sequences in the Superman movies, and it could fetch up to $40,000 at auction.”

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Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackson reveal that Christopher Nolan doesn’t allow chairs on his film sets.

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“We know that, on set, actors are often waiting for everything to be reset, working on their lines, or in hair and makeup. There’s basically a lot of time just spent waiting around between takes, but we’ve now learned that Christopher Nolan doesn’t want his cast sitting in chairs during that time, and I have … a lot of questions.”

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With summer 2020 being a dead season for movies, let’s revisit these incredible blockbusters of the ’90s!

“For the first time in most of our lifetimes, your local movie theater won’t have a summer blockbuster season. The covid-19 pandemic took care of that, pushing most of the big-budget popcorn films scheduled for this year’s summer months into fall, spring, or even next summer. Since we can’t enjoy summer blockbusters in theaters this year, we’re taking it as an opportunity to remember the great summer films of the past.”

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Facebook has joined the Dark Mode bandwagon with beta-testing for mobile.

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“Facebook is reportedly testing dark mode for mobile devices. Three months after launching the feature as part of its desktop redesign, the social network is trialing dark mode for a handful of smartphone users, according to The Verge. There is currently no timeline for wider access, though this is one Facebook function you can count on eventually rolling out to everyone.”

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COVID-19 is officially keeping Broadway closed until at least 2021, according to the Broadway League.

“When the coronavirus crisis first hit the United States in March, Broadway announced it was closing until April. That closure was extended, first to June, then to September. Now, the Broadway League has made it official: There will be no Great White Way for the rest of the year. Broadway is now officially closed until January 3, 2021.”

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In light of the recent slew of old TV shows taking down blackface episodes, our friends over at The Week examine why your favorite show has always been “problematic”.

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“The ongoing re-examination of everything from monuments and TV shows to college rivalries and airport names can make it feel like the enjoyment of just about anything anymore is a minefield. There’s a natural tendency to become dismissive or defensive when this is the case, to blame ‘cancel culture’ for making the movies, celebrities, and mascots we like ‘problematic now.’ It’s unfair to project today’s politics on to things that were created for a different cultural climate, or so the thought goes.”

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