Link Tank: Rebel Moon Can’t Escape Comparison to Star Wars, For Better or Worse

We examine the inaccuracies of the Rebel Moon-Star Wars comparison and share our Instagram giveaway in this edition of Link Tank.

Daggus miners in Rebel Moon
Photo: Chris Strother / Netflix

Rebel Moon isn’t really the Zack Snyder Star Wars everyone was always characterizing it as… but what if it was?

“When Rebel Moon releases in theaters… it’ll mark the end of a 10-year journey. A journey that began with a 2013 rumor that director Zack Snyder was working on some kind of Star Wars movie. That rumor, it turns out, was not true. At the time, Snyder had the idea of taking one of his stories and putting it into the world of Star Wars, but it never got much further than that. You can’t help but wonder though, in the words of another Disney-owned franchise, ‘What if?’”

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Peacock’s second season of Dr. Death is largely compelling, but it sometimes loses focus on this year’s doctor in question.

“A curious thing happens in the second half of season 2 of the Peacock anthology series Dr. Death: the doctor in question largely disappears from the show. “I was wondering when one of us was going to ask — where the f—k is Macchiarini?” Nate (Luke Kirby), a fellow doctor attempting to expose the fraudulent surgeon at the center of the show, wonders aloud at one point.”

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One of the most surprising details in the newly released Netflix viewership numbers is that almost everyone watched The Night Agent.

“Let’s move on to the list, which is led by Netflix original series The Night Agent by a really wide margin. It was apparently the most-watched thing on Netflix in the first half of the year with 812 million hours viewed, and now that we have a ton of data, we know that that’s a fucking big-ass number.”

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It probably comes as no surprise that, had he made his pitched Star Trek movie, Quentin Tarantino would have upended the franchise.

“While it may never see the light of day, we can’t help but imagine what might have made it to the big screen in Quentin Tarantino’s long-abandoned Star Trek movie. Not exactly known for tales of science and exploration, Tarantino’s movie would have been vastly different from any other installment in the franchise thus far — yes, even Nemesis.”

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