Link Tank: Potential 2024 Oscar Contenders

The movies that could contend for Oscars next year, some major Pokémon news, LEGO Donkey Kong is coming, and more in Link Tank!

Margot Robbie as Barbie
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Yes, we know The Oscars were literally two days ago, but here are predictions for the winners at the 2024 ceremony.

“So, this year, we’re taking our slightly more earned confidence and running with it. We’ve got moon-shot hopes and out-of-left-field predictions for the 2024 Academy Awards, and while some of them might seem wild now, we’ll see who’s laughing when Barbie takes home Best Picture. (We’re manifesting it, okay? Let us have this one.) Here’s everything (everywhere, all at once)—in alphabetical order—that’ll have our vote next year.”

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Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is set to lead another franchise for Netflix in the new movie Damsel.

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“Millie Bobby Brown has become something of a Netflix fixture. She rose to prominence as our favorite Demogorgon-slaying, nose-bleeding heroine Eleven in Stranger Things, and then starred in a reimagining of Sherlock Holmes in which she played his little, but feisty, sister Enola. Now, her journey with the streaming service continues as she stars in a new movie, Damsel.”

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Finally! LEGO Super Mario fans rejoice; Donkey Kong is getting his own brick-built recreation.

“In addition to unveiling 71423 Dry Bowser’s Castle, today’s MAR10 stream also teased the long-awaited arrival of Donkey Kong! The fearsome gorilla will be available this summer and seemingly serves as a mount for Super Mario, triggering unique reactions from the hero.”

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DC has announced its plans for Pride 2023, which might be even more impressive than its already impressive display in 2022.

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“Last year, we were suitably impressed when DC Comics revealed its plans for how it was going to celebrate Pride Month (and how paltry Marvel’s offerings looked in comparison). Commendably, the publisher’s not resting on its laurels this June—it has special edition comics, an actual book, and much more in the works, but you can check them out now.”

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Are you anxiously waiting for Starfield to be released? If so, here are some fantastic video game titles to help tide you over until then.

Starfield, the highly anticipated science-fiction RPG from Bethesda is nearly upon us. While September 6 is not that far off, for sci-fi fans, and folks who appreciate a Bethesda romp, the it’s been a painful wait since the game’s first announcement back in 2018.”

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Fans of the Pokémon anime were left stunned after Team Rocket split up, seeing Jesse, James, and Meowth all go their separate ways.

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“In the latest episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series that aired in Japan last week, fans were shocked when Team Rocket abruptly disbanded. The dispanding of the villainous team comes as the series nears the end of Ash and Pikachu’s journey after 25 years.”

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