Link Tank: Facts About 2015’s Awful FANT4STIC

FANT4STIC facts, hard sci-fi movies to watch, Best Buy's Black Friday sales, and more in today's Link Tank!

Remember FANT4STIC, also known as the worst Marvel movie ever? Check out 6 things you may not know about this colossal flop.

“For every critically acclaimed box office juggernaut Marvel Studios has released, there have been just as many widely panned superhero flops. Some of them were victims of misguided expectations, some were ruined by heavy studio interference, but one movie that checks both of these boxes is Josh Trank’s FANT4STIC, also known as 2015’s Fantastic Four.”

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Fandom asked everyone who they’d like to see in Spider-Man 3, and actor Vincent D’Onofrio dropped a comment…

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“Vincent D’Onofrio is baiting me, and honestly, I’m okay with it. News of Stephen Strange heading to the latest Spider-Man films means that there are going to be quite a few familiar faces for Peter Parker. So when Fandom asked users on Twitter who they want to see in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 3, Vincent D’Onofrio had everyone’s best interests at heart.”

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NASA has reconfigured the space toilet for female astronauts on the International Space Station.

“Since NASA was founded, designing the perfect space toilet has been a work in progress. Things we take for granted in bathrooms on Earth (namely, gravity) are missing from the International Space Station, so designers have had to come up with creative workarounds. As CNET reports, NASA has launched its latest innovation in space toilet technology: a commode that better accommodates female astronauts.”

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Best Buy is starting their Black Friday sales early—on Prime Day, in fact, to compete with Amazon.

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“The retailer today announced that it will hold a ‘Black Friday’ sales event on Oct. 13-14. Eagle-eyed deal watchers will know that’s when Amazon is holding its annual Prime Day shopping holiday. But Best Buy doesn’t want to call attention to a rival’s big sale, so the company will instead hold a ‘Black Friday’ sale on Oct. 13-14.”

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Check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes look inside the set of Nickelodeon’s The Astronauts!

“None of us are heading into space anytime soon (except maybe Tom Cruise), so it looks like space is coming to us. io9 has an exclusive first look inside the set of Nickelodeon’s The Astronauts, a sci-fi series about kids who find themselves on the unexpected journey of a lifetime. In this video tour, director and producer Dean Israelite ventures inside the set of The Astronauts, a co-production with Imagine Kids+Family.”

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Are you into hard sci-fi? These are some surprisingly acccurate science fiction films you can stream at the moment.

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“Science fiction often features hokey religions, ancient weapons, and plenty of other very fun concepts that aren’t super believable. But where some sci-fi is more ‘fi’ than ‘sci’, hard science fiction is grounded in scientific realism. These are nine of our favorite hard sci-fi movies that you can stream right now, each of which marries compelling stories with fascinating details and accurate information.”

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