Link Tank: Discover The Incredible World of SPY-Fi at London Action Festival 2023

A mission you won't want to miss in London at this year's Action Festival and more in Link Tank!

World of Spy-Fi at London Action Festival
From: London Action Festival

Calling all fans of spy films in London! This mission, if you choose to accept it, will see you experiencing one of the best collections of spy-cinema mementos the world has ever seen! Discover more:

The Action Exhibition Chapter 1The Incredible World of SPY-Fi presented by Danny Biederman, Action Festival Holdings and Nomad Exhibitions: A UK first, Danny Biederman author, filmmaker, and internationally recoginzed expert on pop spy fiction – has amassed the ultimate collection of props, costumes, original gadgetry, production notes and memorabilia from some of the leading Action franchises of all time. Unique items from Mission Impossible and James Bond to Britain’s own hit Spy show The Avengers will be displayed and available to Festival Day Pass holders – the exhibit is only in the UK for 2 Days.

“For me, this is a big deal, as so many of the truly great motion picture and television spy thrillers originated in England,” says Biederman. “Former British Naval Intelligence officer Ian Fleming started it all, 70 years ago, with the writing of the first James Bond novel, Casino Royale, and 60 years ago the first Bond movie adapted from a Fleming novel, “Dr. No,” kicked off not only the great ’60s Spy Craze, but influenced the look and style of espionage-themed movies and TV series ever since.”

“The popularity of this genre today is as strong as ever, as is the appeal to the public of the inventive gadgets and iconic props that fill these spy stories—from Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone, the self-destructing “Mission: Impossible” tape recorder, and a special effects miniature casting of Pierce Brosnan as 007 … to John Steed’s bowler hat, the U.N.C.L.E. pen communicator, Dr. Evil’s ring, Ethan Hunt’s TV monitor stunt watch and more – each to go on display in the SPY-Fi exhibit at the upcoming Action Festival II.”

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Learn more about The Incredible World of SPY-Fi  here

LEGO unveiled a new soccer-based set featuring minifigures of famous players and a display field.

“The model comprises half a football pitch, a spectator stand, various other side-builds and 15 skin-toned minifigs, including football players Megan Rapinoe, Yuki Nagasato, Sam Kerr, and Asisat Oshoala.”

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Gollum from the latest The Lord of the Rings video game is getting roasted harder online than Gollum did in the fires of Mount Doom.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is apparently a hot mess. The narrative-driven stealth game set in-between J.R.R. Tolkien’s Hobbit and the War of the Ring trilogy has garnered some of the lowest review scores I’ve ever seen. One website even decided against reviewing it altogether because it was so wonky to play prior to a launch-day update. How did it all go so wrong?”

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A new trailer for Barbie just dropped, finally revealing the film’s plot, and it’s even more bizarre than expected.

“Have you been wondering what the heck the Barbie movie is about? Sure, we all love the trailers and images but what’s the actual story? Well, in a brand new trailer, we find out… and it has to do with Barbie’s feet. At least, it starts there. From Oscar-nominated writer-director Greta Gerwig, Barbie stars Oscar nominees Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and so many others. Here’s the excellent new trailer.”

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Music legend Tina Turner passed away at age 83, leaving behind a lasting legacy of being simply the best in the business.

“The world has lost another icon. Tina Turner, whose electric performances were a jolt to the art of music and who went on to redefine the career comeback in her 40s, died Wednesday at the age of 83.”

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HBO Max, now branded as just Max, revealed a number of exciting titles they have available to stream in 4K.

“As HBO Max officially rebrands to Max — Warner Bros. Discovery’s ‘enhanced’ streaming service — on May 23, the platform has unveiled a series of 4K programming that will be available to its new Ultimate Ad-Free tier. The Ultimate Ad-Free tier will allow subscribers to utilize up to four concurrent streams, 100 offline downloads and almost eight times the amount of 4K UHD content in comparison to HBO Max, including the likes of Game of Thrones, The Last of Us, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Dark Knight trilogy and the Matrix films.”

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