Wonder Woman movie settings revealed

Exclusive: with mild spoilers, we reveal the settings we'll see in Warner's 2017 Wonder Woman movie...

NB: The following contains minor spoilers for the Wonder Woman movie.

We’ve had a few official morsels of information about director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman movie so far – most significantly, the casting of Gal Gadot in the lead and the first few shots of the actress in her superhero garb. We also know that Chris Prine will co-star as Steve Trevor, who in the comics is a US military intelligence officer and Wonder Woman’s love interest.

While official story details have remained in short supply, occasional rumors have broken out – including one that Wonder Woman will be set during the time of the First World War.

We’ve now learned from a well-placed source (who will remain anonymous) that Wonder Woman will, in fact, take place in three distinct time periods. It’s even possible, we’re told, that the story will move through a different time period for each act.

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The first setting will be Themyscira, the idyllic island Wonder Woman has called home since her adventures began in the 1940s.

The second period is World War I – the specific year we’ve been given is 1916, which places it right in the middle of that conflict.

The movie will then move to the modern day, where it will tie into the events of Justice League Part One, out at the end of 2017 and also set to star Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

We’re also hearing that, to go with the three separate time periods, there’s the possibility that Wonder Woman’s outfit will change to reflect each setting. With Gal Gadot also appearing in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice next year, it’s possible we might get a first look at her most up-to-date outfit in that film. 

Wonder Woman starts shooting in November, with its locations reportedly including London, England and the island of Basilicata in Italy – the latter likely to be used as a stand-in for Themyscira.

The finished movie’s due for release on the 23rd June 2017.

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More news on Wonder Woman as we get it.