59 upcoming comic book movies, and when to expect them

Rob Leane Odd List Sep 15, 2015

Deadpool 2 - already under discussion - joins our fifty-strong (and then some) list of comic book movies heading this way...

X-Men: Apocalypse may have scuppered plans for X-Force movie

Simon Brew News Jun 3, 2014

Fox is pressing ahead with X-Men: Apocalypse for 2016 - but does that mean the X-Force movie is less likely to happen?

Kick-Ass 2 director to make new Masters Of The Universe film

Simon Brew News Apr 10, 2014

He-Man takes another step back towards the big screen, as Jeff Wadlow lands the Masters Of The Universe job...

Fox earmarks dates for Fantastic Four 2, Wolverine 2 & more

Simon Brew News Mar 21, 2014

Release dates for a mystery Marvel film, Taken 3, Wolverine 2, Fantastic Four 2 and a new Ridley Scott movie...

Director Jeff Wadlow on Kick-Ass 2, X-Force and more

James Hunt Interview Aug 19, 2013

We sat down with director Jeff Wadlow to chat about Kick-Ass 2, deviating from the comics, and what he has in store with X-Force...

Jeff Wadlow talks X-Force

Glen Chapman News Jul 24, 2013

Mark Millar has brought in the director of Kick-Ass 2 to write X-Force. Here’s what Jeff Wadlow has to say about it.

Jeff Wadlow set to direct X-Force?

Glen Chapman News Jul 15, 2013

Could the director of Kick-Ass 2, Jeff Waldow, be set to tackle X-Force next?