Deadpool 2: Everything We Learned From the Newest Trailer

The new trailer doesn't seem to tell us too much about the Deadpool sequel, but there are some notable details thrown in there.

All right! Deadpool 2 trailer is out! It’s funny and intriguing and gives us a good look at Josh Brolin as Cable in action. Of course, just like the last couple teasers, it focuses so much on Deadpool being funny that the actual clips of movie stuff happening are incredibly minimal.

But hey, at least we got that awesome Justice League mustache burn.

Outside of Wade futzing around with action figures and making Infinity War references, let’s look at what the new trailer has to offer.

So, Cable. His glowing eye looks way cooler than the comics ever did. Nathan Summers has always had a convoluted past and the X-Men movies are a convoluted continuity. Or lack of continuity.

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It’s established – and obnoxiously reiterated by Deadpool – that Cable is from a war-torn future. The future war has gone on long enough that it started before Cable was born. With the X-Men movies, this would give us the third dark future, what with Days of Future Past and Logan.

Yet…is it really the third future? Could Cable’s future be the one from Logan? It could go either way, really. X-Men movie continuity, especially with Deadpool, is a mess surrounding a shrug, but they have made some attempts to rectify this. Negating Logan from continuity would be cinematic heresy, but its existence already puts an ugly shade on every past-or-present-day X-Men movie, showing how effortlessly and naturally mutants can be brought to the brink of extinction in the aftermath.

Plus it wouldn’t be too out there. Logan already depicts the dawn of society’s collapse while establishing cyborg arms and X-children existing. If Cable’s parentage is brought up, it could be that he was yet another petri dish clone experiment.

Whatever the threat is in this story, it relates to an organization called DMC, appearing on riot shields and the sides of several vehicles driving down the street in broad daylight. As far as I know, this doesn’t match up with any established X-Men faction in the comics.

The “M” is going to stand for “mutant,” at the very least. I mean, come on.

We already know about Domino being in this, played by Zazie Beetz, but as she and Deadpool beat up some dudes in white, the background poster and banner raise some questions. “PURITY, HUMANITY, INFINITY” plus that variation of the X-Men logo.

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Is this yet another attempt to remove the X-gene or does this tie into whatever organization Ajax was part of? Are they trying to suppress mutant powers or exploit them?

Whoever this kid is, he’s wearing one of those Genosha collars to suppress his powers, so I guess that answers the previous paragraph. I’m just going to needlessly speculate that he’s Goldballs because the guys in charge of a damn Deadpool movie would not back off on the chance to use a mutant character named Goldballs.

We get confirmation that many of Deadpool’s supporting cast will return. Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Vanessa, Weasel, Blind Al, and even Dopinder show up briefly. But the real money shot is this…

So we have three unidentified heroes mixed in here. The guy in-between Domino and Deadpool is the hardest to call because that isn’t the best shot to go on. Is he Maverick? Garrison Kane? Zeitgeist? It’s very much up in the air.

Despite being in the shadows, the one on the other side of Deadpool is most definitely X-Force mainstay Shatterstar. The headgear is a huge tipoff.

That leaves Terry Crews, who is the perfect actor choice to appear in a Deadpool movie. He is most likely Bedlam, though there’s a decent chance that he’s George Washington Bridge. Or maybe he’s just Terry Crews playing himself. I’ve seen those Old Spice commercials. If you told me he had mutant powers, I’d believe you.

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