Deadpool 2: Who is Peter?

We take a look at the breakout star of Deadpool 2 and the most unlikely X-Force member, the mysterious...Peter.

When the first trailer for Deadpool 2dropped, the internet was awash with speculation over who the mysterious “Peter” was. That speculation has been largely put to bed now, with the final trailer and the discovery that Peter has been under our noses the entire time. 

Peter is a regular guy who answered an ad.

Based off of the trailer, Peter is just some guy who saw the ad Deadpool and Weasel put out for membership in Pooly-D’s new X-Force team and answered it. He doesn’t appear to have any powers besides a sunny disposition.

Peter is an avid beekeeper.

Peter, as it turns out, also has his own Twitter account. From it, we’ve discovered a number of interesting factoids about his life. He’s a committed apiarist, for example, who values his hive above most other things in life.

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He’s a fan of underwater lava.

He spent several hours on Twitter last week discussing his fascination with underwater lava, fish, and how schools of fish work.

He’s not a fan of drugs.

He goes out of his way to condemn the drug using lifestyle on Twitter.

His wife, Susan, is cheating on him with her personal trainer.

This…got dark.

He is almost certainly not Pete Wisdom.

Wisdom, seen here getting the face punched off of him by Colossus, was created by Warren Ellis and Ken Lashley in 1995. He has the ability to absorb solar radiation, then throw it as “hot knives” at people. He’s an experienced British spook who joined Excalibur to help expose a plot by the Hellfire Club. 

We say he’s almost certainly not Wisdom because, well, he’s none of those things. However, he is using the Twitter name “Peter_W1974”, he does appear to be into bladed weapons, and the actor playing him lives in London.

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He is actually Rob Delaney.

Delaney, better known as the only good thing Twitter’s ever done for the world, is an American comedian living in London with his family. He’s the star of Catastropheon Amazon, and he appears to be giving the Deadpool 2team the full use of his services as a comedian on Twitter. Peter_W’s voice is extremely Delaney.

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