Doctor Who Christmas special

BBC America trailer for The Time Of The Doctor

Louisa Mellor Trailer Dec 19, 2013

Matt Smith's final episode as the Doctor approaches. Here's the latest trailer for Christmas Special, The Time Of The Doctor...

Orla Brady on Doctor Who, The Time Of The Doctor, filming Matt Smith's final episode, & Peter Capaldi

Louisa Mellor Interview Dec 12, 2013

Here's our full-length chat with Orla Brady, who plays the mysterious Tasha Lem in The Time Of The Doctor...

Who is Tasha Lem in The Time Of The Doctor?

Louisa Mellor Interview Dec 12, 2013

We chatted to Doctor Who guest star Orla Brady about her role in the Christmas Special The Time of the Doctor, and what to expect…

UPDATED: Can you identify the 11th Doctor stories in these drawings?

Louisa Mellor Feature Dec 11, 2013

Just for fun in the run-up to the Doctor Who Christmas Special, how many of these Eleven Doctor stories can you identify?

Lots more The Time Of The Doctor promo pictures

Louisa Mellor News Dec 11, 2013

Try to shake a stick at all these The Time Of The Doctor promo pictures, go on. It's just not possible is it? There are simply too many...

Lots of The Time Of The Doctor promo pics

Louisa Mellor News Dec 9, 2013

More promo pictures have arrived from Doctor Who Christmas special, The Time Of The Doctor...

Doctor Who Christmas Special title, synopsis and first image

Louisa Mellor News Nov 26, 2013

The Time Of The Doctor is the title of this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special. More details ahead...

Doctor Who Christmas Special casting news

Louisa Mellor News Nov 25, 2013

For those suffering from post-anniversary blues, here's a little something about Doctor Who's 2013 Christmas Special...

The very brief tease for the Doctor Who Christmas special

Doctor Who
Simon Brew Trailer Nov 23, 2013

It's only ten seconds long, but the tease for Matt Smith's farewell Doctor Who story gives a hint or two...

Steven Moffat, regenerations and revelations

Andrew Blair Review Oct 15, 2013

Andrew takes his sword to the Gordian knot that is Steven Moffat's recent pronouncement on the Doctor's regenerations...