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The BBFC and 12 years of 12A: does the system work?

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 30, 2014

The BBFC has released a video explaining how the 12A system works. But does it make sense, and how effective is it?

Films that'd get a fairer hearing if they weren't sequels

Simon Brew Ryan Lambie Odd List Jul 30, 2014

Some sequels are doomed to live in the shadow of the hits that triggered them. Here are a few examples...

New pictures land for Fifty Shades Of Grey

Simon Brew News Jul 30, 2014

A pair of new snaps turn up for the forthcoming Fifty Shades Of Grey movie adaptation.

Trailer: The Longest Week, with Jason Bateman & Olivia Wilde

Simon Brew Trailer Jul 30, 2014

Here's the trailer for incoming comedy The Longest Week, starring Jason Bateman, Billy Crudup and Olivia Wilde...

Peyton Reed on directing Marvel's Ant-Man

Simon Brew News Jul 30, 2014

The new director of Ant-Man has been chatting about the film, which starts shooting next month...

Sorvino and Kudrow want Romy & Michelle 2

Simon Brew News Jul 30, 2014

The stars and writer all want Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion 2. But will Disney pay up?

New trailer lands for The Maze Runner

Simon Brew Trailer Jul 30, 2014

Can The Maze Runner follow in the box office footsteps of Divergent and The Hunger Games? Here's the new trailer...

What Video Games: The Movie inadvertently says about mainstream games

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 30, 2014

Video Games: The Movie takes a breezy tour of history, but shows mainstream gaming in a less than favourable light, Ryan writes...

Catch some more Guardians Of The Galaxy footage here

Den Of Geek News Jul 29, 2014

An apparently exclusive featurette, looking at Rocket and Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy. New footage!

In memoriam: James Shigeta

Ryan Lambie News Jul 29, 2014

We pay tribute to the actor James Shigeta, famous for his roles in Flower Drum Song, Die Hard, and a legion other turns on stage and TV.