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BioShock creator Ken Levine on his "open narrative" future game

Ryan Lambie Feature Dec 17, 2014

BioShock creator Ken Levine is working on a new game, and he says its "open narrative" design will be like Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor...

GTA Online Heists coming early 2015

Aaron Birch Trailer Dec 17, 2014

They're finally on the way. GTA Online's anticipated heists are coming next year...

What's going on with Team Ico's The Last Guardian?

Ryan Lambie Feature Dec 16, 2014

Now reaching the eight year mark, there's still no sign of The Last Guardian. Ryan takes a look at its current status...

Street Fighter V: new gameplay footage

Ryan Lambie News Dec 16, 2014

A new video from Capcom shows what a fight between old foes Chun-Li and Ryu will look like in Street Fighter V...

Borderlands Remaster incoming

Aaron Birch News Dec 12, 2014

Yet another remastering is on the way, this time for Gearbox and 2K's Borderlands...

Get Batman for Christmas

Aaron Birch News Dec 12, 2014

There's a great deal awaiting PC superhero gamers online right now, and it's a bit of a Bat-fest...

The Talos Principle PC review

Ryan Lambie Review Dec 11, 2014

Mind-bending puzzles and an eerie sci-fi plot come together in The Talos Principle. Here's Ryan's review...

Sega vs Nintendo: revisiting the deadliest console war

Alex Carter Feature Dec 11, 2014

Forget the Xbox and the Playstation. The console wars of the early 90s were way more intense, especially if you were a kid back then...

Chris Perkins interview: Dungeons & Dragons, The Sundering and shared worlds

Jules-Pierre Malartre Interview Dec 11, 2014

JP chats to Dungeons & Dragons' world building lead about the latest big event in the Forgotten Realms

A tribute to Ralph Baer, the father of videogames

Ryan Lambie Feature Dec 8, 2014

We pay our respects to pioneering console inventor Ralph Baer, who sadly passed away on Saturday.