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Mirror's Edge: Catalyst gets first teaser

Ryan Lambie News Aug 4, 2015

Free-running reboot Mirror's Edge: Catalyst gets a short but sweet teaser clip. See it for yourself within...

Star Wars: Battlefront Fighter Squadron announced

Ryan Lambie News Aug 4, 2015

Updated: EA DICE has unveiled the aerial combat-focused Fighter Squadron mode for the forthcoming Star Wars: Battlefront...

Old Hudson Soft properties could find new life at Nintendo

News Aug 3, 2015

It's reported that Nintendo has purchased the rights for old Hudson Soft title Momotaro Dentetsu from Konami. Could more IPs follow?

Japanese article goes behind the scenes at Konami

Ryan Lambie News Aug 3, 2015

With Silent Hills cancelled and Hideo Kojima seemingly ousted, what's going on at Konami? A Nikkei article might have the answer...

Games nobody talks about anymore: Captain Blood

Ryan Lambie Feature Aug 1, 2015

In 1988, the French studio Exxos released the incredibly strange space adventure game, Captain Blood. Ryan takes a trip back...

Zombi out in August for PS4 & Xbox One, trailer launches

Ryan Lambie News Jul 31, 2015

Update: The PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One version of ZombiU (now just Zombi) is out in August...

Mega Man Legends successor Red Ash gets publisher funding

Ryan Lambie News Jul 30, 2015

Update: Red Ash may be struggling on Kickstarter, but publisher Fuze has stepped in to fund the Mega Man Legends successor...

Pang Adventures announced for console, PC and mobile

Ryan Lambie News Jul 30, 2015

Classic platform shooter series Pang is getting a new entry courtesy of Dotemu and Pastagames. Step forward Pang Adventures...

The Back To The Future game you've probably never played

Aaron Birch Feature Jul 30, 2015

Movie classic Back To The Future hasn't been treated well in gaming, but there's one gem worth seeking out...

Nintendo announces surprise profit

Ryan Lambie News Jul 29, 2015

In a surprise swing away from last year's loss of 9.9bn yen, Nintendo has announced a healthy and unexpected profit...