Will the New Darkwing Duck Reboot Be in Continuity With DuckTales?

A reboot of Darkwing Duck is in the works from Seth Rogen’s production company but will it feature the Darkwing from the new DuckTales?

Darkwing Duck Disney Afternoon Universe
Photo: Disney

Fans of Disney’s Darkwing Duck might be headed for a Crisis on Infinite Darkwings. A reboot of the beloved ’90s animated series is in the early stages of development for Disney Plus, with Alex McAtee of Seth Rogen’s Point Grey Pictures overseeing the project (via Variety.)

But wait, didn’t they already reboot Darkwing Duck recently? In the modern series of DuckTales, the character of Darkwing was slowly introduced over the shows three seasons before recently getting his own special episode, ‘Let’s Get Dangerous!’ This episode introduced a rebooted version of original Darkwing Duck character Gosalyn Mallard and set the stage for more adventures featuring the two alongside DuckTales main cast member Launchpad.

So is this new reboot in development a spinoff of what we’ve already seen in the new DuckTales, or is it a whole new version of Darkwing Duck? At present we aren’t sure. The Variety report doesn’t mention it and when we reached out to Disney they declined to comment.

When we spoke with DuckTales Executive Producer Matt Youngberg and Co-Executive Producer Frank Angones last month about the possibility of a Darkwing Duck spinoff from DuckTales they were both evasive. However, they did state that in updating these classic characters for the new series they were keeping in mind what else could be done with them in other projects. Angones, a huge fan of Darkwing Duck, has also previously joked that the new DuckTales was just his stealth way of getting to write Darkwing Duck.

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It would make sense for the new reboot to use the groundwork laid in DuckTales but, like many reboots, the team behind it might want to give their own take on the series. It’d be a shame if all the work from the DuckTales team wasn’t used but who knows, perhaps the DuckTales Darkwing will continue on as is and we’ll get a totally different Darkwing on Disney Plus.

Perhaps tellingly, that recent Darkwing Duck special of DuckTales did heavily feature a plot dealing with alternate dimensions. Perhaps this new Darkwing Duck series for Disney Plus, if it isn’t in continuity with the new DuckTales, could have its differences explained away as just being another universe.

Right now this new Darkwing Duck series is in the very early stages of development. We have no idea where it’ll go or what it might be like. The new DuckTales on the other hand is currently airing and are more than likely in the works on more episodes to come. Even if this new Darkwing Duck isn’t in continuity with the new DuckTales, we may still get a few more appearances by the DuckTales Darkwing in the future. Considering animation takes so long to complete, there could be another Darkwing appearance in the works right now!

More on the new Darkwing Duck as we hear it.