DuckTales Season 3 Episode 15 Review: New Gods on the Block!

We just want more of the kids going mad with power and Donald's desperate attempts to go on a normal date in this wacky DuckTales.

DuckTales Season 3 Episode 15 New Gods On The Block
Photo: Disney

This DUCKTALES review contains spoilers.

Legacy. It’s the theme that’s defined the third season of DuckTales and it’s an incredibly rich one. In a family of adventures who’ve done things no one could have ever dreamed of, it can be tough to measure up. It can lead to a heavy burden; you have to keep one upping yourself and living up to the expectations of those who’ve come before you. This is a topic that’s rich with dramatic possibility… and this week’s DuckTales mostly uses it to tell some fantastic jokes.

As fans we love to get caught up in the deep inner psychology of the characters and how they relate to the themes of the show. Of course that be found here if you want but I just couldn’t stop laughing at Webby, attempting to be a god, hurling lightning at people to make them friends. The gags with the kids all-trying out to be gods were gold (heh.) The way they kept ramping up, as the kids desperately tried to correct their mistakes were all brilliant comedy. Although Dewey just danced which… yeah, yeah that tracks. That’s So Dewey.

Of course these jokes were enhanced thanks to their set-up, the family’s failure on a mission. It’s an element that can be easily glossed over but I loved seeing how everyone reacted to failure. We’re so used to seeing our team win that devoting a whole episode to the fallout of losing is honestly genius. Again the episode mostly uses it for great jokes but it still provides a solid backdrop to make those jokes all the better. When the characters are desperate to prove themselves, that’s where near lunacy can come into play.

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On the flipside of the episode we have Donald and Daisy attempting to go on a date with Storkules in tow. Storkules hasn’t done much for me in the past but here he was in top form, blissfully unaware he was the biggest third wheel ever. It’s so funny because you can see how well Donald would have done without him but instead he magnifies all of Donald’s flaws. Which, I’ve got to point out, includes throwing his trash into the pool. The way he casually does it got a huge laugh out of me.

Can we get more of Daisy in this show? I know I say that about a lot of these characters but her chemistry (and frustration) with Donald is a winning combo. She’s a fantastic character and you can’t go wrong with Tress MacNeille.

While both plots of the episode were fairly solid with some great jokes, I think combining the two into one episode robbed them of some of their power.  They’re both such rich ideas and it feels like we only got a glimpse into their comedic potential. I also didn’t feel much connection with the Zeus side of the story. I get he was supposed to be a parental counterpoint to Scrooge but it just didn’t click together with everything around it.

In the end though we still got some great comedy and a continuation of the main theme of the season. Plus Glomgold got a hilarious cameo riding a kids carnival ride cause… he’s Glomgold. Why wouldn’t he? I’m also still enjoying how Della is now just a regular part of the cast. DuckTales has a lot of characters and some have fallen to the wayside but they’re keeping her front and center. I love the dynamic she adds to the family and her unwavering support of the kids especially.

DuckTales Quotes To Make Your Life Better

-“What are your intentions with my Donald?” 

-“You make clothes? I wear clothes!”

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-“I am the goddess of sunny friendship get-along time!”

-“Tremble before the terrible might of friendship!”


3.5 out of 5