WandaVision Goes Full Modern Family In Episode 7 First Look

Marvel has unveiled a new clip from WandaVision episode 7, revealing that Wanda’s commitment to this sitcom bit extends to even the mockumentary era.

Tommy and Billy in WandaVision Episode 7 First Look
Photo: Marvel

So you just used your Mind Stone-saturated witch powers to expand the hexagonal barrier further around your false reality entrapping a New Jersey town. We’ve all been there. Or at least that’s what Wanda Maximoff thinks in the latest clip from WandaVision episode 7.

In advance of WandaVision episode 7, premiering tomorrow on Disney+, Marvel has unveiled a decently lengthy first look at the episode. The reveals therein are vast. For starters, it’s clear that Wanda is experiencing a bit of a magical hangover from her Halloween barrier expansion. The clip also makes clear that Wanda is not going to let her sitcom world go without a fight. 

After beginning with The Dick Van Dyke Show in episode 1 and embarking through sitcom history to Malcolm in the Middle in episode 6, Wanda has finally arrived at the popular mockumentary era from the 2010s. Give the clip a look below and see what we mean.

As a great Internet philosopher once said: subtext is for cowards. That’s why this new mockumentary format fits Wanda like a glove. The powerful Avenger uses her confessional-style interview to discuss what just went down.

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“Look, we’ve all been there, right? Letting our fear and anger get the best of us, intentionally expanding the borders of the false world we created…”

Wanda’s interview is intercut with clips from episode 6 in which said border does indeed expand and entrap dozens of SWORD agents as her unwilling captives. Those interview intercuts, along with the lively camera zooming in on Wanda’s face for added emphasis as needed, are straight out of Modern Family

The Office is undoubtedly the most popular and infamous example of the mockumentary sitcom format on television. But despite the Internet’s sincere desire to see John Krasinksi turn up as Reed Richards playing Jim Halpert, it would appear that WandaVision is going with a more domestic version of the format. Modern Family aired from 2009 to 2020 and won a boatload of Emmys in the process. And its focus on one family is a particularly good fit for WandaVision

Right after Wanda speaks to the camera, she deals with a mini family crisis of her own. Billy and Tommy rush into her room to report that their game is freaking out. Their videogame controllers go from Wiimotes to GameCube, to Atari 2600 Joysticks, to Uno cards. 

It would appear that Wanda’s tenuous grip on her fabricated reality only grows more tenuous. That becomes even clearer when she throws back her covers to reveal that she didn’t even have the energy for an era-appropriate outfit change. But hey, it probably wouldn’t be the end of the world if the Scarlet Witch costume stuck around for a bit longer. 

New episodes of WandaVision premiere every Friday on Disney+.

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