Voltron Season 8: What to Expect

Voltron Season 8 drops later this year and we give our take on what we’d like to see happen.

This article contains Voltron Season 7 spoilers.

Voltron Season 7 completely shattered the status quo of the series. The Paladins are now back on Earth, reunited with their families, and have amassed a strong force of aliens to beat back the Galra. It seemed like they had the upper hand… then that twist at the last second.

We know Voltron Season 8, being the final season of the series, will have to wrap up all the dangling plot threads. Plus it’ll be our last time for some glorious fan service, so some of these entries are more wishful thinking than others.

The Identity of the Altean

Obviously this is the biggest plot thread that needs to be addressed, especially since it ended the seventh season.

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Who is this person? Why were they in that Evangelion style mech? Where are the other Alteans? Are they part of the group Lotor gathered together? It didn’t seem like Allura knew who they were but who knows with this series. 

What The Hell Has Haggar Been Up To 

Haggar has been a fairly mysterious character for most of Voltron’s run. We’ve seen a bit of her backstory but she’s still a fairly blank slate. This last season has got to give us some insight into what’s been her plan this whole time. What’s she really trying to do with the Quintessence? Why does she want control over the Galra Empire (or does she?)

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Basically give her a giant villain speech where she lays out what she’s been doing throughout the entire run of the show. I need it.

Voltron Season 7 Episode 6

Hunk Leaving the Team? 

In the sixth episode of season seven, Hunk casually mentioned that he has dreams of passing on the Yellow Lion to someone else. It’s not that he hates being a Paladin, he just hopes someone else could take up the mantle. It’d be a fascinating dynamic, bringing in someone new to the team so late in the game.

If we had to put money down he probably won’t leave the team till after the big climax of the final episode but still, the seeds have been sown. Hunk may not be the pilot of Yellow Lion for much longer.

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More of the Garrison Pilots

Season seven did an amazing job of introducing our newest group of characters, the Garrison pilots. While they didn’t get much to do they made every second of their screen time count and they’ve all already attracted a lot of fans. There’s even a lot of interest in giving them a spinoff.

While the series of course needs to stay focused on the Paladins, a few little side missions with this team can’t be off the table. Although one way to really get them into the action?

Vehicle Voltron References

Yeah yeah, we have the Atlas now but come on. We’ve got a group of pilots who all fly AIR vehicles. That’s already almost 1/3 of the Vehicle Voltron team. Just dump some of the alien rebels into some land and sea based vehicles and boom, Vehicle Voltron!

Okay okay, that would be kind of a stretch but maybe the series can finally toss in a few more overt references to the less beloved entry in the classic Voltron series? A fan can only hope.

Earth Working With Aliens

Now that a ton of aliens are on Earth and the Galaxy Garrison has a more accepting leadership it’ll be fascinating to see how this Coalition/Alliance plays out. Will all the aliens and Earth play friendly? Will there be internal squabbles about how to handle the Galra? What about cross-cultural relations? What does this do to human society now that they’re exposed to aliens 24/7?

It really shakes up the world of Voltron in a big way and I hope at least a little of it will be explored as the season goes on. I mean come on, is everyone just going to accept the humans being in charge when they’re relative newcomers to this war?

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The Defeat Of the Galra Empire?

While this last season could turn into just a big ol’ war to wipe out the Galra I suspect we’ll get something far deeper than that. Voltron is an action series of course but the ending of this series can’t just be beating the Galra into submission. Perhaps the team will help at least some of the Galra see the error of their ways? Perhaps the big Haggar reveal will switch some Galra over to their side. Some of this could go on behind the scenes but I’d love to see it play out in a big way.

Or maybe the Galra Empire will survive but will be turned towards a different purpose. Perhaps it just needs new leadership and not one of the many warlords currently vying for power. Maybe Keith could help get them on track, being the ultimate bridge between the two since he’s half Galra and half human.

Acxa and Keith

Season seven hinted at a possible bond between Acxa and Keith and while many fan’s minds jumped right to romance I hope it’s something different. I hope these two form a bond that isn’t romantic but more platonic. They’ve both gone through some horrible things and maybe they’ll bond over the loss of those closest to them.

With the obvious relationship brewing between Lance and Allura it’d be nice to have some characters show you can form a close bond that isn’t based in that kind of physical attraction.

That or, I don’t know, they’re actually siblings. Although I’m pretty sure Krolia would have mentioned that by now.

Lance and Allura

We all know it’s going to happen. They’ve been building up to this since the first episode. Allura and Lance have been growing closer over the whole series and season seven gave us the first clear signs the attraction was mutual.

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Now the series can either have them finally get together or at least openly admit their feelings. Lance has talked about with the Space Mice and they told Allura, but now those two crazy kids need to get it all out in the open.

Even if they don’t get together, it’d be nice to at least see them discuss it and bring it to a resolution.

More Anime References

Voltron has included a ton of loving references to various anime (Robotech was a big one in season seven with the Atlas) and hopefully we’ll get more before the show wraps up. What other series can Voltron pay tribute to? The show runners have already discussed with us some of the series that influenced Voltron.

More Space Mice

These little adventurers finally got some much needed love in season seven and I hope it continues. Come on, we need Mouse Voltron! GIVE THE FANS WHAT THEY ALL DON’T KNOW THEY NEED. WE NEED MOUSE VOLTRON TO KICK HAGGAR IN THE FACE AND WIN THE DAY.

Actually, that’s who should replace Hunk. Not some Garrison pilot or an alien. THE SPACE MICE ARE ALL COLLECTIVELY THE NEW PILOT OF THE YELLOW LION.

Cut the check, DreamWorks. I just made you a million dollars.

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