Voltron Season 6: Producers Won’t Discuss Original Story Plans Yet

While Voltron had an original arc that needed to be changed, the Voltron team aren't going back to it.

With the conclusion of Voltron season 6 it seemed like the behind the scenes team had finally corrected a problem that had been with the show since season 3. That being Shiro had returned to the series far earlier than planned. This forced Keith out of the leader position at the time but now he’s seemingly back, especially since he’s piloting the Black Lion again. So does this mean the story is back on track?

Executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos corrects fan assumptions about this, saying Keith being leader wasn’t necessarily the ultimate goal with the story but it’s “still where we ended up.”

Instead of fighting against the request to make Shiro come back early, Dos Santos says they rolled with the punches. “It’s not like we had to put things in order, disassemble them and then re put them back in order to go around whatever hurdle we needed to.”

Executive producer Lauren Montgomery adds that when they had to make changes to the arc of the series it “changed and affected the story completely, so there was never going to be this point that we reached where everything reset.”

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The story of Voltron is slightly different from what they intended but, as Montgomery explains, “we definitely were still able to achieve the show that we wanted to make.”

When asked if they’d give any insights into the original plans for the arc of the series, both executive producers are tight lipped.

“It would do a disservice to the story we wound up telling,” says Dos Santos. “It’ll be cool once Voltron’s all wrapped up to say, ‘At one point, so and so was gonna grow wings and fly to the moon!’”

For now Montgomery wants fans to focus on the story they’re telling and appreciate it for what it is, not what it could have been. After the show is done though? “We can go back and reminisce,” she says.

It’s always enticing for fans to get caught up in “what if’s” but there’s so much about Voltron as is to enjoy and discuss we can wait to hear about other paths for the show.

Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. Follow him on Twitter!  

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