Voltron’s Message of Love

Voltron’s executive producers discuss themes of love that run throughout the series.

Season six of Voltron’s story was, in the words of executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos, “heighted and on steroids.” Many plotlines, after seasons of build up, were finally paid off. The reveal of Kuron Shiro, Keith’s desperate attempt to save him, Lance admitting his crush on Allura, and Lotor kissing Allura.

While some might question Lotor’s love of Allura, Dos Santos makes it clear Lotor had genuine feelings for her.

“It’s not a lustful thing,” executive producer Lauren Montgomery points out, comparing Legendary Defender’s Lotor to the 1980’s Lotor who had a much creepier affection for Allura. “(Legendary Defender’s Lotor) has a genuine appreciation for who she is and what she is capable of. It comes from a real place. It’s his better side that’s drawn to her.

“We’ve got characters really, really bleeding their hearts out (in season 6)” says Dos Santos, referencing Keith pleading with Shiro to come back to being the Shiro he knew.

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In many of our Den of Geek reviews of Voltron season 6 we discussed a theme of love running throughout season six and wondered if that theme was intentional.

Montgomery says that themes of love, including romantic, familial, or unconditional, are always a part of Voltron. “This show is about a bunch of different types of people working together, and working together well, and you really can only get that with respect, and love, and appreciation.”

Both executive producers feel that message is something that really wanted to put out into the world and, Montgomery hopes, “hopefully people appreciate that.”

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