Voltron Season 6 Episode 4 Review: The Colony

If you thought Voltron was going to drag out any of its long running plots this season? You were dead wrong.

This Voltron Legendary Defender review contains spoilers.

Voltron Season 6 Episode 4

Man, Season 6 isn’t playing around is it?  I should have known better than underestimate Voltron. I really thought we’d drag out Lotor’s involvement with the team but nope, his deception is finally revealed! 

Can I just say I adored no one was playing the “well you know he has a point” game? The moment they learned what he did they were all ready to kill the guy. Even Allura, who had just made out with him!

It’s comforting to know that the Paladins, unlike a lot of people in our real world, don’t mess around when it comes to murderers. Yeah, Lotor has his “reasons” but no reason excuses death. No “higher purpose” can soothe the pain Romelle feels at the death of her brother.

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Romelle is far more than just a nice callback to the original series, she’s the catalyst for the reveal of Lotor’s deception. Through her we learn that not only have a group of Alteans survived but they in fact worshipped Lotor. That’s where I knew something was up.

It speaks to Lotor’s bigger goals and what he’s willing to do to achieve them. If people seeing him as a god would get him what he needed? That’s just fine. If wooing Allura will get him the Quintessence? That’s just fine. In Lotor’s mind his goals are noble but make no mistake, he will do anything to reach them.

With ease he pushes any guilt out of his mind, writing it off as “for the greater good.” However you can only do that so long before you become a monster yourself and our team knows it. They aren’t going to sit around debating whether it’s ethical to punch Lotor or not, they’re going to form Voltron and kick his ass.

Plus, they’ve got bigger things to worry about with Shiro. The moment he fully fell under Haggar’s control the episode kicked into high gear. The action was fast and intense. There was no time to think, the team was running on instinct… Which lead Keith to pilot the Black Lion once more.

Yeah yeah I’m sure we could have had a scene where Keith had to “talk” with the Black Lion again but Voltron as a series isn’t concerned with that right now.

It’s just ecstatic it’s finally back on course.

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Remember how the creator’s original plans for the series had to be shuffled around thanks to DreamWorks requiring Shiro return sooner than planned? This forced Keith out of his leadership position and sent him on the various quests with the Blades. The creative team did the best they could but there was always a sense we had diverted from the planned path. 

Now we’re back and ready to continue on the original journey. All of that means this episode has a little too much exposition and another side character we have to deal with but I’m just hyped for where we’re going. 

It’s the Paladins against Space Dad. This is going to be heart wrenching.

Also, Krolia’s comment to Shiro about Keith, “Thank you for raising him to be the man he is today” furthur solidfy what I had touched back in my episode 2 review. Shiro is 100% a father figure to Keith.

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4 out of 5