Voltron Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Razor’s Edge

Separate Keith and Lance plots are the perfect juxtaposition for stories that break your heart in ways you didn't know it could be broken.

This Voltron Legendary Defender review contains spoilers.

Voltron Season 6 Episode 2

I’m going to preemptively tell everyone reading this to just blare Enrique Iglesias’s ‘Hero’ at full blast to get you in the right mood for this review.


The love between a mother and son. The love a boy has for a surrogate father figure. The love of an alien princess for a prince turned emperor. The love between a Cuban boy for a princess who he believes will never love him back.

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Love is a powerful theme that runs throughout the episode.

For Keith and Krolia, their love is seen through an advancement of the series’ overall story arc. We finally get our questions answered for Keith’s origin. Krolia was always a Blade and was on Earth to stop the Galra from finding the Blue Lion which is where she met Keith’s dad. The two fell in love because hey, what’s more romantic than being rescued by a hunky Earth man?

But it was the mission that bonded them… And it tore them apart. Keith’s dad survived the Galra’s first attempt to take the Blue Lion but Krolia knew she couldn’t stay. She never abandoned Keith; she just wanted to protect him. 

We’re left to fill in the blanks about Keith after that, although we know his father died when he was a young boy. It says so much about why he ended up the way he did. He can’t talk about his feelings, it’s too painful. He probably never had an outlet to talk about what was eating him up inside because no one was there to listen.

It also explains why he respects Shiro so much. Not only is he a father figure of sorts he even physically resembles his dad. So much is conveyed with so little. We don’t need to comment on the resemblance, we as the audience can see it just in the clothes Keith’s dad wears. 

I don’t often talk about shipping in these reviews but the whole Shiro/Keith thing really does nothing for me, especially now. It’s pretty clear Keith doesn’t have a romantic interest in Shiro, he sees his father in him. We still don’t know exactly how Keith knew about Shiro at the start of the series but we can guess why he had to rescue him. 

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Because, unlike his father, he could actually save Shiro. Keith’s love for Shiro is there but isn’t what some fans want. It runs deeper. Perhaps Keith’s love for Shiro is that of family. Keith found some form of family in Shiro and he had to protect that at all costs…

Even if it meant leaving the team… just like Krolia did with his father.

Yeah, I’m crying now and we aren’t even done. We’ve still got Lover Boy Lance. Or would that be Broken Heart Lance?

Truthfully, I never thought we’d be dealing with Lance’s emotions like this. I had assumed his crush on Allura would just be a running gag. Now though it’s finally ramped up to heartbreaking effect.

Pidge and Hunk rag on Lance about Allura and Lotor’s very plain attraction to each other. Lance refused to accept it as a real possibility until now and it wrecks him. He doesn’t cry it out or anything, he just quietly worries. Worries if he’s good enough. Worries if Allura could take “just a boy from Cuba” seriously.

Lance’s “Lover Boy” persona is revealed to be just a mask. While Pidge and Hunk’s ribbing wasn’t meant to be mean spirited (it was actually a great reminder most of these characters are teenagers) I’m sure Lance has internalized it. He’s worried if he actually told them about his true feelings, that Allura makes him want to be a better person, they’d just laugh at him.

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I’m crying again.

It’s interesting to compare Keith and Lance in how they deal with their emotions. For Keith he seemed to just shove them down. Focus on the mission. Lance on the other hand puts up a front. He acts fine and jokey but it’s only to protect him from any pain.

This makes juxtaposing both their plots perfect. They’re both afraid of expressing their emotions but in different ways.

For Keith he’s now had two years in that space void to get to know his mother and perhaps resolve some of his issues. Lance on the other hand I can see still trying to keep it all bottled up. Unlike Keith he doesn’t have anyone else to talk to… but the Space Mice.

Who all have big mouths. Loose lips sink ships, mice fam. (Especially the fan kind!)

We aren’t going to drag this Allura and Lance thing out, are we? It’s come to a head, especially with Allura’s growing attraction to Lotor. The two almost kissed! WHAT?! 

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It’s hard to pin down if Lotor is really attracted to Allura or he just wants something out of her but Allura is clearly smitten. She sees an equal in Lotor, someone who can finally help her get what she’s always wanted. Peace. A resolution to all this conflict. Someone whose connected to her past. Her family’s legacy. 

Plus he’s just hot, you can’t deny that.

There’s a lot to unpack here but I’m sure we’ll get more of that soon so I’ll hold off on it for now.

But damn, Voltron season 6 is already coming in strong. What the hell else does it have in store?

Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. Follow him on Twitter!  


5 out of 5