Will Voltron’s Opening Credits Ever Change?

After the cast shakeup in Voltron Season 3, will the opening visuals to the series be altered?

This Voltron Legendary Defender article contains mild spoilers.

Voltron Legendary Defender’s opening sequence features all of the main characters piloting their respective lions, fighting against Zarkon with the aid of Allura and Coran. It’s a powerfully animated sequence but with Voltron Season 3 having just dropped many are wondering why it hasn’t been updated.

Allura took over the Blue Lion, Lance is now in the Red Lion, and Keith is piloting Black Lion. Plus, Lotor is a new main character. Will the opening ever be redone to reflect these changes?

Co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery and executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos warn fans not to get their hopes up.  Montgomery explains even getting the opening as it is was very lucky.

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“That main title was a separate budget. We didn’t have to use our shows budget for it because people wanted it and thought it was a good thing for the show.”

The producers weren’t given the budget to go in and change it every season, as much as they would like to. Montgomery especially would love to see Allura flying around in the Blue Lion but, “I’m not gonna pay twenty thousand dollars to do that. I’m gonna go on vacation.”

Dos Santos is pleased by how the opening theme looks but with the nature of their story being so serialized eventually it would start to be a little outdated with the plot.

“If there’s suddenly money that falls out of the sky we’ll make that adjustment.” 

Montgomery jokingly adds, “Start a kickstarter for us so we can have it happen!”

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