Voltron: Allura’s Trust In Lotor

Is Lotor good or bad? Should Allura trust him? The Voltron showrunners give their thoughts.

Is Lotor a good guy or bad guy? This question has sent Voltron fans for a loop and season five complicated it even more. While Lotor had killed members of his team before and seemingly has a bigger plan up his sleeve he still helped the Paladins throughout the season. Has Lotor finally turned to the good side or is something more sinister going on?

Showrunner Lauren Montgomery won’t give anything concrete away but tells fans that they’ll be asking that question up until the very last minute, “where we figure out what’s up with this guy.”

Not all of Lotor’s actions are completely rooted in “evil” according to Montgomery who says that there’s a “genuine place where some of this stuff comes from. He’s by no means a mustache twirler. Regardless of how (his character) pans out, there’s a lot that is at play in his brain and his mind. A lot of things that are making him who he is.”

Some of what’s at play includes his growing bond with Allura. At the beginning of the season she couldn’t even begin to trust him but by the end she was going on solo missions with him. To Montgomery, Allura sees in Lotor someone who, “probably more than anyone else can understand what she’s been through.”

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Dos Santos points out that through Lotor, Allura will be able to live out her father’s dream. “They’re both children of royalty on opposite sides. They both are very good at seeing the bigger picture. She can appreciate that about him.”

We’ll see how Allura feels next season if more of Lotor’s ultimate plan comes to light.

Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. Can anyone resist Lotor’s perfect hair? Follow him on Twitter!