VH1’s Hindsight: Pilot Review

VH1's new scripted series recalls plenty of 90s nostalgia. Here's our review of the pilot episode of Hindsight.

Hindsight, VH1’s new scripted series from writer and producer Emily Fox, hits home with its 90s throwback and its exemplary cast of characters. For a channel that is host to numerous reality shows and music specials, I was completely surprised and delighted by this little gem. However, my adoration for the channel’s I Love the 90s brought my hopes up that they could do the 90s well… and that they did! 

If the garb, music, and hairstyles don’t hook you into this show then Laura Ramsey and Sarah Goldberg will playing two best friends that make you want to be a part of their irreplaceable bond. 

In the show’s trailer, I thought that we would be thrown into Becca’s 1995 world only a few minutes into its pilot episode. The start, however, gives viewers just enough of Becca (Ramsey) in present day to see just how much she and many of the other captivating characters in the show have changed from their 1995 selves. For most of them, the jump is drastic and filling in the blanks will probably be the center of each episode. How will Becca change the past and how will that change the future?           

After tonight’s pilot episode, she has already begun changing some of the choices she made in 1995. However, it looks like her fashion choices will be remaining the same as they were in her early 20s. Seriously, it will make you wish you hadn’t thrown out some of those classic stable pieces that you see on the show.

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Overall, it’s hard not to be charmed by the nostalgia of this show. I feel like the timing is right for a little reminiscence on our television screens. It’s hard to find a show these days that is more than just one genre. Either it’s extremely dramatic, or an outright comedy, or completely sci-fi. While this show gets a little sci-fi with the time travel, it’s no Outlander. But, it has the just the right amount of comedy, romance, and drama to make this a wonderful middle of the week viewing choice.

The other night my sister and I were watching one of those sitcom-esque romantic comedies from the 90s and wondering, “Why can’t movies be like that anymore?” While Hindsight is not a movie, it will do just the trick.

*Spoilers Begin Here…*

I went into this show thinking I was going to be solely captivated by all the 90s references. I’ll admit, one of my favorite scenes was the moment she started trying on all of her old clothes: knee socks, an oversized flannel, and a “spandex, mock turtleneck, baby T” which would now be known as a crop top. But, it was Becca’s relationships with some of these characters that were the most intriguing. Not only with her best friend, but her interactions with her parents, her brother, and even her obnoxious cousin were just enough introduced in the pilot to make me so curious at what will happen as Becca changes the past. 

Since the start of the episode showed a good chunk of her life in present day, it helped make it clear how completely different these people were 20 years ago. In the present day, the mom was very materialistic, commenting on Becca’s frown lines at her wedding rehearsal. Her father was reliving the young life, announcing that he and his rather young girlfriend were expecting a baby. The good looking brother obvious hates family functions, as was noted by a narrating Becca, who also later mentions his visits to rehab. However, back in 1995 her parents were in love (the mother still a bit anal) and her brother was actually starting to fall for someone who future Becca knew, would break his heart, her best friend, Lolly (Goldberg).

We actually don’t see Lolly at all in present day because at that point in Becca’s life, they were no longer speaking. In 1995, Lolly asks her what it is that happens between them. Becca tells her she doesn’t want to talk about it and moves on. I think it will be a few more episodes before we figure that one out.

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Still, it’s hard to believe that a fight broke this wonderful pair up. Becca and Lolly are the hysterical hands that will steer this show. Any shenanigan they get up to or inside joke they share, I want to be a part of it. Lolly’s love for Becca and her ability to have fun makes her the best best friend to love. She doesn’t hesitate for a moment when Becca decides to change history and not marry her ex-husband, (in present day) Sean. She grabs Lolly’s hand; they laugh at a rather insensitive moment and run out the doors of the church to a bar.

Sometimes on TV shows, when they have the flighty best friend, they take it too far. They become so incredibly senseless, that it’s supposed to be hilarious. But, after about five episodes, you start to think…ok, really? 

But, Lolly is not that best friend.

While she got distracted several times during Becca’s rant that she was from the future, her wit and little under the breath comments in those side tracked moments were so well timed and hilarious. Even though to Lolly it seemed like Becca is having some sort of breakdown, it’s undeniable that these two will continue to play off each other effortlessly. After a little convincing, Lolly believes that Becca is from the future. 

What are best friend’s for? 

Well, back in the 90s, we know that Sean’s dreaminess (which Becca can’t resist when she first sees him in her blast into the past) is alluring and the look of fear on his face of losing Becca was somewhat redeeming, it wasn’t enough for her to do it all over again. Even though the episode ended with Sean invading Lolly and Becca’s new beginning at their favorite bar, I don’t think Becca will want to go back. 

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What I miss from the 90s… 

Each episode, I know, will have a number one thing I will remember from the 90s and miss wholeheartedly and for this episode… it was the overalls. Don’t get me wrong, some of the trends Becca rocks have already made a comeback… but the overalls should stay tucked away in all their 90s glory. 

Thankfully I will get to see more of that classic swag in Becca’s chance at a re-do and I’m going to be there from the start!


3.5 out of 5