Vampire Diaries: Black Hole Sun Review

Vampires, new vampires and serial killers, Vampire Diaries brings it on. If only Elena could remember. Here is our review.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES! Y U SO GOOD? Sorry, sorry, I’m back. Sometimes a show pleases me so much that I become a walking, talking, breathing, and cookie eating internet meme. Vampire Diaries has earned the distinction of doing that to me almost constantly since their riotous jaw-punch of a sixth season began. The hits keep on coming! New vampires?! SERIAL KILLERS?! It’s like Julie Plec was all “I bet Becca is really missing Hannibal right now, I will add a hot-ish serial killer named Kai to soothe her.” To which I say, thank you Plec. Thank you. You are almost never wrong. Except for any time you think it might be cool to bring Aunt Jenna back. My cookie-eating self doesn’t like that one bit.

That said, my cookie-eating self was all about this episode. Though the show is dragging out what exactly Bonnie and Damon will do, it’s become exceptionally clear that they will have to bring Kai back with them into the world. I mean, if they don’t do that, there’s literally no other real villain this season, unless you can count the veil separating from Bonnie and Damon from their friends and family — and I don’t count that. Because a supernatural veil is not a real thing. Kai has great potential as a villain — he is an actual serial killer! He can drain power from others and use it! That is juicy stuff! I understand that his appearance in the real world means that we’ll have to contend with Bonnie having yet another guilt-arc, but I’m willing to endure that if it means everyone has to deal with Kai.

I’m curious to see how things with Sarah progress now that she knows her connection to the brothers Salvatore. I mean, she can’t continue on in the fashion she’s been up to until this point, can she? I suggest she go out to the forest with Alaric and Jeremy and hit things. For fitness. And stress relief. I would also like to take this moment to begin a slow and prolonged fit of clapping for the entire creative team (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, PLEC) for the whole Gail-Zach-Damon storyline. Damon’s murder of Zach was always, always, always something I had a hard time overlooking (weirdly, I had no issue with his several attempts to kill Jeremy. Frankly, Jeremy often had it coming). To explain it now, seasons later, as guilt in the face of his former crimes? That was pretty much genius.

I thought it was a strange choice to have Stefan unload the truth about her Damon-memories onto Elena. Obviously he’s suffering and he didn’t agree with Elena’s decision to wipe Damon the Good from her mind, but it wasn’t very, well, Stefan-like of him to do something that was ultimately quite selfish. That said, I am amped to see what choices Elena will make in terms of returning her memories of her former love in the days, weeks, and months to come. This show for the win.

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5 out of 5