The Vampire Diaries: Through Your Eyes Review

On this week of The Vampire Diaries, we're very worried for the sheriff in town. As well as all adults on this series...

You guys. I have to be honest about something. I am not taking the news about Sheriff Forbes on this week’s The Vampire Diaries well. I mean, I know that to be an adult on this show is in and of itself a death sentence, but Caroline’s mom, her sassy haircut, perpetually worried expression, and well-pressed khakis have become as reliable to me as the sun setting in the west (I totally had to Google where the sun sets. WHATEVER, that’s what clocks are for, yes?).

It will be interesting to see where this development takes Caroline. Usually it’s Elena left grappling with the realities of being undead, but the loss of her mother trumps Elena’s dating woes. I know, even to think it is blasphemy, but there are some things holier than Delena and one of those things is someone’s mom dying. That said, if this news about the Sheriff’s health is simply a ploy to get Caroline to lighten up on Stefan than I am not in support of this. Throwing a crisis at someone is a cheap way to prevent any real change in their dynamic.  While it was awesome Stefan was so supportive of C-Dawg in the light of this news, nothing between them actually changed. She’s still a tiny blond ball of fury whenever he’s around and he’s all “I have Kai-er fish to fry, girl.” Valid, valid.

Does anyone else not really care that Matt might die? I am not saying this because I am stone-cold jug-butted bitch (though I am, coincidentally both of those things). I am saying this because the threat of his beatdown and abduction were directed as though they were supposed to have a super-emotional impact, but I felt nil! I should be worrying about a main character getting offed, not chortling over Damon and Elena’s little sleepover. Matt, I’m sorry I’m not more invested in your fate. I blame Jeremy. Because it is always Jeremy’s fault.

We’ve seen hints that Bonnie’s about to bust back into the story in a pretty killer way, yes? I mean, she’d better be after the trials she’d had to endure in 1994. Sometimes I quietly wonder whether Kat Graham really pissed off Julie Plec very early on in production and, to that end, she makes things as difficult as possible for Bonnie Bennett. Of course, the other more logical and less paranoid line of thinking is that Bonnie is a witch whose besties are travelers and werewolves and vampires, and doppelgangers, and you know that’s not like, an easy thing. Meanwhile, somewhere Jo’s all like “Alaric, I think maybe I should do magic again?” as her arm gushes blood and I’m all “Gee, you think?” If I were Kai, I want to melt her away too.

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4 out of 5