Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend Endings and Easter Eggs Guide

Finding all of the different options and endings in the interactive Kimmy Schmidt special is nearly harder than escaping from a bunker!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Kimmy vs. the Reverend
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The following contains spoilers for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend.

Interactive specials are still in their infancy on television, but the idea of “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” stories has been around for decades. Television has evolved in many ways and figured out how to treat its audience with greater respect and control, so taking that to the next level with interactive storytelling feels like a natural progression. This ambitious style of structure allows both the creator and the audience to experiment with narrative in unprecedented ways. In the case of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs. The Reverend, this new format lends itself to a cavalcade of jokes and the ability to conclude Kimmy’s journey in a number of ways. 

This experiment meshes together in a very satisfying manner and there’s clearly a ton of work that’s gone into this special. Kimmy Vs. The Reverend includes many branching paths for its story, but some of them are much easier to stumble upon than others. Audiences may be content with giving Kimmy a happy ending and not mucking about with the show’s timeline, but there are a surprising amount of conclusions hidden away in this interactive special. Here’s a helpful breakdown of all of the different endings and secret scenes, plus how to access them all! 

Premature Wedding Bad Ending

The first few options that are presented to viewers in Kimmy Vs. The Reverend seem like they are less consequential, but a careless choice can still prematurely end Kimmy’s story before it even gets going. When Frederick asks Kimmy if she wants to start planning their wedding, investigate the book that they’ve found, or consummate their love with make outs, the latter is the dead end. If Kimmy gives into her romantic urges here the special will immediately cut to an epilogue that’s set a year after her marriage to Frederick. The ending is technically the same, but all of the details are missed and the special addresses how unfulfilling this path has been.

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A similar ending plays out if Kimmy chooses to call Donna Maria when she’s presented with the option of which of her Mole Women friends she wants to connect with. This conclusion jumps to one month later, where Kimmy and Frederick still get married, but the couple acknowledges that Titus and Jacqueline’s storylines have been completely overlooked in this sequence of events. 

Premature Reverend Death Bad Ending

Kimmy Vs. The Reverend has a lot of fun with the importance of decisions and the butterfly effect that can play out from innocent acts. When Kimmy meets the Reverend in prison she’s eager to just get down to business, but he pushes her to make small talk with him. If you decide to “be sociable” with the Reverend, the simple act of kindness ends Kimmy’s story before it can really go anywhere. Being sociable leads to some outrageous dancing from the Reverend that gets out of hand and leads to his death in a freak accident. As a result of this he’s never able to give Kimmy any information about his other bunker and she can’t save the women that are in it. Kimmy does still get married in this ending, but it seems like a hollow victory for her.

Reverend Wins Bad Ending

There’s an odd crossroads that Kimmy and Titus face towards the middle of their adventure when a baby is left in their care. You can choose to look after the child or leave it to continue after the Reverend. Even though Kimmy is in a hurry, the decision to abandon the baby will result in failure. The Reverend reaches the bunker first and kidnaps the women to take them off to somewhere new. This is also the ending that will eventually come up if you don’t choose to read the children’s book that Kimmy finds early in the special. It’s a necessary clue in her progression to the bunker.

Mass Death Bad Ending

Early on in Kimmy’s journey she’s presented with the choice of whether she wants Titus or Jacqueline to join her on her rescue mission. Titus is the right choice in this scenario and if Jacqueline is selected then a very tragic sequence of events play out. Titus viciously dies during a treadmill accident at the gym, while Kimmy and Jacqueline go down in a harrowing plane crash. It’s a morbid, premature conclusion to the story, but at least Robert Durst comes out and congratulates the audience on successfully killing everyone. One man’s murder is another man’s miracle…

Kimmy Kills The Reverend Bad Endings

The biggest choice that Kimmy and the audience are left to make in Kimmy Vs. The Reverend comes down to what Kimmy does to him after catching him. Four options are presented and the right choice is to spare him, which leads to his eventual death in prison as a result of being kicked to death. However, any of the other options lead to especially morbid endings for Kimmy.

If Kimmy shoots the Reverend she doesn’t get any information on the location of the women and she’s just left to roam the wilderness for years in an unsuccessful mission to find them. Not only that, an epilogue set five years later shows that Frederick and Lillian get married. The choice to “’splode him” sees Kimmy pull out a rocket launcher that doesn’t just blow up the Reverend, but takes her out along with him. An epilogue that’s set one year later shows that Frederick has married “Kimmy 2,” a sex-crazed clone of Kimmy. It’s definitely the most absurd of the special’s bad endings. 

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Finally, the darkest ending plays out if Kimmy chooses to “stomp him.” Kimmy’s rage gets the better of her and she brutally pummels him to death. He even offers to tell her the location of the bunker if she stops, but she’s so lost that she just continues in her torture. She goes mad as a result and doesn’t find the bunker or get married. 

Robot Apocalypse Bad Ending

One of the many options that are presented during Kimmy and Titus’ journey to rescue the women that are trapped in the bunker involves how they want to travel to their destination. The two can decide whether they want to wait 4000 minutes for an Uber to arrive or attempt to walk. If you choose to wait for the Uber then the special cuts to 4000 minutes later and Kimmy and Titus are now skeletons. The Uber does ultimately arrive, but gives the skeletons one star out of frustration.

However, an even bleaker ending is possible if you choose to wait for the Uber a second time. This time it cuts to months later and not only are Kimmy and Titus skeletons, but so are all of mankind. A herd of robots congratulate themselves on eradicating all humans and successfully taking over the planet. Hints of the robots’ malicious plan remain present in other storylines, but this is the only one that goes through with it.

Average A- Ending

The options that surround Jacqueline and her focus on either the script or wardrobe department of Titus’ film can also impact the ending in big ways. Jacqueline’s journey down the script path causes her to not form a bond with the wardrobe department, but the main trigger that’s needed to activate this ending is Titus’ decision to eat the food that he finds in the woods, rather than remain on task and follow after Kimmy. This causes Titus to never show up to the movie set on time, which results in Jacqueline being exposed as a liar. 

It turns out that this series of events has drastic repercussions for the rest of the world. Jacqueline’s dishonesty becomes synonymous with all women being liars and she single-handedly dismantles the “Time’s Up” movement in the process. Kimmy and Prince Frederick still get married, but at the ceremony it’s also revealed that Titus’ career has been destroyed from damaged vocal chords after he ate all of that dirt in the woods. Kimmy is happy, but as Jacqueline and Titus wallow in their mistakes they acknowledge the “A-“ qualities of this “happy” ending.

Good A Ending

The Good A Ending is mostly a perfect conclusion for Kimmy and company but it just lacks one crucial detail. This ending will play if Kimmy chooses the traditional wedding dress instead of the fun one. It’s the fun choice that’s presented in the special, but it turns out to be crucial for Kimmy to achieve the best day of her life. She’s still ecstatic, but she admits that something feels off.

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True “You Win” A+ Ending

The very best ending that’s possible comes from making decisions that demonstrate a thorough understanding of Kimmy and her thought process. Other endings chastise the audience for operating in an un-Kimmy-like way, which is a major hint on how to get the best ending for the special. It’s important for not only Kimmy to be happy, but also her friends, as well as her fun personality coming through in the choices that are made. If Titus and Jacqueline’s movie obstacles get resolved, Prince Frederick successfully works out his personal baggage, and Kimmy rescues the women in the bunker and chooses the high ground with the Reverend then the true ending will play out (provided the fun wedding dress has been chosen over the traditional). The episode explicitly says “You Win” on the screen as Kimmy and friends celebrate.

In addition to a number of different endings that are possible in Kimmy Vs. The Reverend, there are also a few Easter eggs and secret pieces of content that are hidden away in the special.

Theme Song Easter Egg

This is one of the easier Easter eggs to stumble upon in the special, but it’s still very entertaining. Viewers that are of the more impatient variety that want to skip through the show’s theme song will be “punished” in an amusing way. Attempts to skip the theme will result in the song’s performer coming out to scold the audience and play the full, extended version of the theme song instead.

Multiple Reverend Murder Easter Egg

The most important decision that Kimmy has to make during this special is what she will ultimately do to the Reverend after she catches up with him. If Kimmy kills the Reverend in any of the available options, a bad ending will play out and the audience will get another chance to determine the Reverend’s fate. However, if the viewer chooses all three of the options to kill the Reverend, it triggers a bonus scene. Set in Hell, the Reverend will congratulate the viewer on killing him in every possible manner, while he gets cozy with the predatory Mr. Frumpus puppet and the two croon Sugar Ray songs together.

Blooper Reel Easter Egg

The most elusive Easter egg that’s hidden away in Kimmy Vs. The Reverend involves which of Kimmy’s former Mole Women that she chooses to call. Choosing to call Donna Maria will cause a premature bad ending to play out and present the audience with another choice. However, the choice to call Donna Maria a second time leads to a bunch of new content (and the news that Donna Maria’s company is owned by the Sheinhardt Wig Company). When presented with the Phone Tree, choose the Taco Snake option. This results in a lengthy Christmas song parody, which Kimmy is presented with the option to skip. It’s imperative that the entire Taco Snake song is heard. After Kimmy returns to the Phone Tree a new automated message will now say, “For an Easter Egg, Press 3.” Select 3 from the Phone Tree and you’ll be rewarded with a “Nice work, Nerd!” screen, as well as a reel of bloopers and alternate lines. It’s a satisfying treat for such a laborious process. 

NOTE: There’s a chance that only a specific decision tree leading up to this will work. The choices that we’re confident will lead to this are: Fun Dress, Go to Gym, Plan Wedding, Call Donna Maria, Call Donna Maria, Press 3, Keep Listening, Press 3. Call it the Konami code of this special.

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The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs. The Reverend is currently available to stream on Netflix.