Transformers: EarthSpark Makes Megatron a Good Guy

The longtime leader of the Decepticons has turned over a new leaf in Transformers: EarthSpark.

Megatron in Transformers: EarthSpark alongside Dot Malto.
Photo: Paramount+

For some, if you’re evil once? You’re evil forever. It’d be easy to apply that to Megatron, legendary villain of the Autobot Transformers and longtime rival of Optimus Prime. In past incarnations of the Transformers franchise, Megatron has often been the primary antagonist but that’s about to change.

We’ve got an exclusive clip from the new Transformers: EarthSpark animated series that’s flipping the script on what fans have come to expect from the brutal baddy. Watch it below!

Megatron… a good guy?! He’s even got a cute nickname, “Megs.” What world are we living in? Longtime hardcore Transformers fans will point out this isn’t the first time Megatron has worked on the “good” side (see the IDW Transformers comics) but it’s still an unusual turn for the legacy character.

Previous promos for EarthSpark have shown us that the series takes place after a war of some type and it looks like Megatron switched sides at some point. He’s fighting right alongside Optimus Prime! Tantalizingly though, it seems as though they haven’t smoothed over all their differences. In a charming bit of the above clip, Optimus calls for the Autobots to, “roll out!”

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Megatron sardonicly observers, “I can never tell if he means me.”

That’s amazing! A Megatron who’s openly working with the Autobots and acknowledges that they’re all probably not trusting him very much. The story potential in that plot thread alone could fill an entire series! Has Megatron really turned a corner or is it all a deception? Is he genuinely trying to do good but can’t get very far due to his former enemies mistrust?

It’s not just the Autobots Megatron has to contend with though, his former teammates aren’t too pleased about this. In the clip Megatron takes on Decepticon Soundwave, who refers to Megatron as a traitor. Megatron isn’t getting much love from anyone, apart from human ex-solider Dot Malto (played by Benny Latham.) The two seem pretty chummy and it’ll be fascinating to see how this unlikely pair bonds.

The clip also gives us a good look at Megatron’s vehicle mode. In the classic Transformers series, Megatron turned into an oddly small gun but here he looks to be a plane. That’s far more practical and gives the Autobots a nice tactical advantage. Even with Megatron being not quite so evil he hasn’t quite lost some of his malicious side. He takes great delight in battle, chewing the scenery in a fight with the line, “resist. It’s my favorite part.”

That right there lets us know that some of that gleefully evil Megatron is still in there, even if he’s switched to the side of good. Transformers: EarthSpark is certainly taking some bold steps with Transformers lore but we’ve got the feeling it’ll pay off in the long run.

For those not keeping up with news on Transformers: EarthSpark, we first got details of the new Megatron at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. His official description is below.

Rory McCann (Game of Thrones) as “Megatron,” the father of the Decepticon faction who believes in making any sacrifice necessary for the survival of Cybertronian civilization. He’s a headstrong idealist but isn’t unwilling to adjust his strategy when victory hangs in the balance. 

“Idealist” certainly isn’t a word we would have applied to the old school Megatron but running with that for EarthSpark has us incredibly intrigued. We can’t wait for more!

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Transformers: EarthSpark will stream exclusively this November on Paramount+ in the United States and on Paramount+ and select Nickelodeon channels internationally.