Titans Season 3 Villains Revealed as Red Hood and Scarecrow

Jason Todd will become the Red Hood for DC Universe's Titans Season 3, as the show moves to Gotham City and introduces the Scarecrow.

Jason Todd as the Red Hood in DC Comics
Photo: DC Comics

With all the news coming out of DC Fandome you might have missed the fact that not one but two major Batman baddies are coming to Titans next year. Titans Season 3 will deliver on something that fans have been hoping for since it was first revealed that Curran Walters would be bringing Jason Todd to the screen in a dramatic turn to the dark side for the angsty former Bat-sidekick.

Yep, Red Hood is coming to the dark teen superhero drama and he’s looking for revenge against his former teammates. If you’re up to date on the show then you won’t be too shocked at this reveal as he ended season two in a pretty lonely place that perfectly established this heel turn. 

Todd is not the only shocking rogue who will be hunting down the Titans as in a Hannibal style twist, another classic Batman villain will be appearing, likely playing off the soon-to-be-introduced Barbara Gordon as his very own Clarice Starling. That would be Dr. Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow.

“Known to most as the Scarecrow, Crane is a current inmate at Arkham Asylum and offers his services as a profiler and consultant for the Gotham City Police Department,” reads the official description.

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With both of these new foes to contend with it’s no surprise that Dick Grayson and co. decide to head to Gotham where according to DC, the new season will be entirely set. Something I am particularly interested in though is whether Crane is going to be helping Babs hunt down Jason who will likely be killing a lot of people under his new mantle…

Jason Todd has become more of an anti-hero over the years in the guise of the Red Hood, but it definitely sounds like this will be the more deadly, angry version that came out of the events of Death of the Family. Speaking of which I think we can assume that we won’t get to see the Joker smash the one-time-Robin’s head in with a crowbar, not because Titans wouldn’t go there but because the Joker is such a huge character that it seems unlikely they’ll try and add him to the mix on the small screen right now.

That doesn’t mean that Jason might meet his maker at the hands of someone else, as the last time that we saw him he was speeding off alone on his moped after watching Donna Troy’s body being transported back to Themyscira. Now what would make him want to turn on his team to the point of taking them out is a different question entirely so it’ll be interesting to see the route that the show goes. 

We’ll have to wait until next year to see both of these massive characters come to Titans when the show will most likely move to HBO Max.