The week on demand

Andrew rounds up the best big names and hidden gems available free on demand this week...


If you’re all excited about Sweeney Todd then check out Mark Kermode’s interview with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp on The Culture Show (available until Thursday).

Comedy-wise then give episode two of Jam and Jerusalem a spin (available til the end of today) but probably best steer clear of episode three, what with it having been rubbish and everything.

One must-see recommendation from BBC Four’s pop music season, How Pop Music Works, the most engrossing documentary I’ve seen in months. Find out why it’s okay to tap along to Rihanna after all, and never listen to pop music the same way again.

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And for the best funtime telly going on the Beeb, check out CBBC’s MI High (til Saturday), this week featuring the bloke out of Press Gang that wasn’t Dexter Fletcher as a mad scientist. No, I’m not kidding. It beats Torchwood (also available) into a cocked hat.

Talking of the Who-iverse, the last of series three of the good Doctor is still going – although you will have to be quick to catch statue terrorfest and series highlight Blink before the end of the day.


Life ain’t exactly grand over on 4OD for this week, snowed under as it is by Big Brother and chicken welfare. But there are still a few gems. Murderers on the Dance Floor from the excellent First Cut series follows the Filipino prisoners who made the Thriller video last year – that’s not their only choreographed achievement, but the tales behind the dancing are more startling than you would expect.

Alternatively, More4 offers up the Shrink Rap interview with Chris Langham. It’s not exactly easy viewing and there is no happy resolution, nor much repentance for his actions. But it is riveting viewing nonetheless.

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ITV’s attempts at making some original programming is paying dividends, with two – two! – picks from the schedules. Primeval, as wonderfully shiny and daft as it always was, is back to be picked over; while ITV resurrects improv with Thank God You’re Here. It’s a little hit and miss depending on the guests, but worth a look as a showcase for Aussie comedian Hamish Blake.

Not tickling your fancy? Then there’s always a few episodes of The Saint up for grabs too, or head to the Best of ITV for Press Gang, also featuring both that guy out of Press Gang who wasn’t Dexter Fletcher, and Dexter Fletcher. Wow!

and elsewhere…

Still want more? Then check out Current TV’s surprisingly touching but fun documentary about a group of friends heading to a comic convention. It’s a few months old now but it is worth a goose nonetheless.