The week on demand (8 February)

The Beeb have loads to watch, which is lucky, considering Channel Four have pretty much given up making anything watchable...


One of the few gems of BBC Three’s comedy output, Pulling, is showing on BBC Two at the mo, so make sure you catch episode one by Monday. It doesn’t hit you with easy one-liners but give it five minutes and I can promise you will get into it. It’s certainly good that it’s being repeated, as this is the last week of Buzzcocks of this series –and it’s the best in the series, with Moby being funny. (Also, just to momentarily turn into Heat magazine, I saw Simon Amstell and Miquita Oliver together this week. Come on, the return of Popworld! Come on, my excellent celebrity spotting!)

If anyone knows if the Stephen Mangan-fronted Never Better is any good, then do let us know. Just by being in the schedule next to Little Miss Jocelyn, I can’t bring myself to watch it.

Off the comedy beat, there’s always Torchwood, I suppose. Seeing as I write the reviews I feel compelled to stick that in. The lovely Tosh episode is still available til Wednesday.

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Last week’s curiosity about whether Alan Carr’s Celebrity Ding Dong would be any good has been sated. It really wasn’t.

But then again, neither is anything else on this week’s schedule, with a lot of programmes which are just ever-so-slightly too squew-iff to bo worth watching. Shameless feels a bit too much like hard work these days; Vanity Lair, T4’s attempt to throw self-declared pretty people lacks all the panache of the much-missed Shipwrecked; Law of the Playground, a talking head show, is about seven years late; Modern Toss might as well lose its first word; Convention Crasher is fronted by Justin Bloody Lee Collins; Reaper is made by Kevin Smith.

There’s the archive, I suppose. Or you could use your time to draft a letter to the Culture Secretary telling them why Channel Four doesn’t deserve public money any more.

Jeremy Beadle: A Tribute is worth a gawp, if you can’t quite remember what he was like (a little bit annoying, as it goes, but he sure could anchor a programme. Think Noel Edmunds, throw in a hand joke, and you’re there).

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Elsewhere, there’s Primeval, if you can be bothered. I can’t find TV Burp on this week, so I can’t recommend that. And Thank God You’re Here features Vernon Kay, so that’s ruled out. Still, that means that ITV have more programmes to watch than Channel 4. Expect four sets of ominous clip-clopping some time soon.

…and elsewhere

Head over to Current this week for the Guardian’s vlogs, a somewhat hit-and-miss bunch of old-school journalists getting visibly twitchy at delivering their thoughts to camera. Anna Pickard’s wonderful entry this week, though, is delivered by a woman who’s quite clearly had about four too many Lemsips. It’s really quite a sight to behold.