The Last Kingdom Quiz: Do You Know Your Arselings From Your Elbow?

How well do you know The Last Kingdom TV show? Try our 30-question quiz and find out...

The Last Kingdom
Photo: Netflix

They didn’t have trivia quizzes in the 10th century. What with all the plagues, slaughter and feudal injustices, there just wasn’t time. And even if there had been time, it’s hard to imagine Uhtred, son of Uhtred taking part. Father Pyrlig and the lads would have been all ‘Come on, Lord, there’s a quiz night at the Two Cranes. You can be on ‘Alfred and the Greats’ with us lot. It’ll be a laugh! You’ll be good at all the Dane ones!’

Then Uhtred would be like ‘Have your fun, Pyrlig, but these Saxon games will bring me neither silver nor reputation.’

Then Uhtred would have learned about the rollover kitty and the league table, and he’d have been tempted but he’d already made a big thing of it, so he’d have to pretend that he still thought it was beneath him. Then he’d wait outside the pub with his sword and a can from the fridge at home, whispering the answers to himself and silently punching the air when he got one right, then pretending to be patrolling Winchester for marauders when anybody walked past.

A little window into history there for you.

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The quiz below will win you neither silver nor reputation, but it will pass the time. And with The Last Kingdom season four now behind us, and the long wait for the as-yet-unconfirmed season five currently underway, what else is there to do?

Exactly. Best of luck.

Destiny (and multiple-choice) is all!