The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Episode Release Guide

The Handmaid’s season four won’t be released on Hulu all at once, and the UK air date on Channel 4 is yet to be announced. Here’s all the release info we know

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Photo: Hulu

Warning: the Handmaid’s tale season 4 episode synopses below contain plot spoilers

The Handmaid’s Tale isn’t the kind of TV show that suits a binge-watch. Its heart-heavy dystopian story about a brutal theocracy that enslaves and rapes fertile women benefits from a little fresh air between episodes. On-screen torture and suffering are best delivered in small doses.

It’s good news then, that after its first three episodes are released on Hulu in one batch on Wednesday April 28th, the remaining seven episodes of season four will be released weekly each Wednesday until June 16th, giving US viewers all time to digest.

For UK viewers, season four is confirmed to be airing on Channel 4 as usual, but the broadcaster has yet to confirm a start date. As soon as one is announced, we’ll pass it on. The imported show traditionally airs weekly on the terrestrial channel. Seasons one to three are not on Netflix in the United Kingdom, but are currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video UK.

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Below is a complete list of season four episode titles and US release dates, along with the official Hulu synopsis and the writer and director information for each episode. It’s worth noting that actor-producer Elisabeth Moss has added a new hyphenate for season four, making her directorial debut with a trio of the new instalments – episodes three, eight and nine. And if you need a refresher on what happened in season three, here’s our story-so-far recap.

Please note that some of the Hulu episode synopses contain plot details and hints, so avoid reading the summaries if you want to remain unspoiled for what’s to come.

Episode 1: Pigs (April 28th 2021)

Writer: Bruce Miller
Director: Colin Watkinson
‘On the run after the end of Season 3, an injured June and the fugitive Handmaids find refuge at a farm, where the 14-year-old Wife nurses June back to health. June restores her role as the women’s leader. In Gilead, an imprisoned Lawrence tries to avoid a death sentence, and Aunt Lydia reels from the loss of 86 children on Angels’ Flight. The combative Waterfords, in custody in Toronto, learn of June’s feat.’ Read our spoiler-filled review here.

Episode 2: Nightshade (April 28th 2021)

Writer Kira Snyder
Director: Colin Watkinson
‘June plots revenge at the local Jezebels, before she and the Handmaids plan to leave the farm for the next safe house. In Toronto, Moira deals with the fallout of June’s choices, and Serena and Fred are bound together by a miracle.’ Read our spoiler-filled review here.

Episode 3: The Crossing (April 28th 2021)

Writer: Bruce Miller
Director: Elisabeth Moss
‘Captured by Gilead, June faces a vengeful Aunt Lydia and ensures a torturous interrogation. Nick and Lawrence collaborate to protect June. In Toronto, Luke struggles with how to help June and Hannah.’ Read our spoiler-filled review here.

Episode 4: Milk (May 5th 2021)

Writer: Jacey Heldrich
Director: Christine Choe
‘June takes a harrowing journey. Janine remembers a stressful experience in her past. In Toronto, Serena tries to manipulate Rita.’

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Episode 5: Chicago (May 12th 2021)

Writer: John Herrera & Nina Fiore
Director: Christina Choe
‘June seeks out more active rebels, while Janine tries to help her fit in with their new group of survivors.’

Episode 6: Vows (May 19th 2021)

Writer: Dorothy Forentenberry
Director: Richard Shepard
‘June contemplates the possibility of freedom.’

Episode 7: Home (May 26th 2021)

Writer: Yahlin Chang
Director: Richard Shepard
‘June contends with joy, pain and rage as she acclimates herself to vastly changed circumstances.’

Episode 8: Testimony (June 2nd 2021)

Writer: Kira Snyder
Director: Elisabeth Moss
‘June confronts a painful reminder of her Gilead past. Lawrence presents something helpful to Aunt Lydia.’

Episode 9: Progress (June 9th 2021)

Writer: Eric Tuchman & Aly Monroe
Director: Elisabeth Moss
Synopsis TBA

Episode 10: Wilderness (June 16th 2021)

Writer: Bruce Miller
Director: Liz Garbus
Synopsis TBA

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