The 100 Season 5: Interview with Lola Flanery

We talked to The 100's Lola Flanery about what's in store for the young Grounder Madi as her world expands.

The 100 Season 5 has introduced to a new character in the form of tiny badass Madi.

Raised by Clarke following Praimfaya, Madi is very much the surrogate spawn of Wanheda. When Clarke is captured by the Eligius prisoners in “Sleeping Giants,” Madi wastes no time going about rescuing her—first, attempting to lead her pursuers into a trap, and then recruiting Bellamy for help. Her character is perhaps the best post-time jump addition to this show, and it will be interesting to see how she grows and affects the other character dynamics as Season 5 progresses.

Den of Geek was lucky enough to speak with Lola Flanery, the actress who plays Madi in Season 5. Flanery gave us some insight into one of The 100‘s newest, most promising characters. In particular, we delved into the relationships Madi is poised to form with Clarke’s friends and family if and when they should meet. We saw Madi introduce herself to Bellamy in “Sleeping Giants,” an act of trust that wasn’t just out of necessity, but an effect of all those bedtime stories Clarke told Madi growing up.

“Clarke has taught her to trust Bellamy,” said Flanery. “I don’t think it was that hard for her because he is, like, Madi’s hero. All of them are, so I don’t think it was that hard. Clarke is in danger; Madi is gonna do whatever she can to get her to safety, and she is going to trust these hero figures.”

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There are so many people from Clarke’s pre-time jump life that Madi has yet to meet. Does Flanery think Madi has one she is most looking forward to meeting?

“I feel like Madi would be most likely to look forward to seeing Octavia because she’s such a strong badass,” said Flanery, which calls back nicely to a scene in The 100 Season 5 premiere that sees Madi and Clarke talking about Octavia’s strength.

So far, Eliza Taylor, who plays Clarke, has been Flanery’s chief scene partner in The 100 Season 5. What has it been like for Flanery, working with Taylor?

“Well, for me, working with her was amazing because she’s so talented and kind,” said Flanery. “It was fairly easy to do the bond between Clarke and Madi because I really love working with Eliza, so that made it ten times easier.”

Of course, as the season progresses, Madi will inevitably interact with other characters, as will Clarke. When asked if Clarke reuniting with other people who are important to her will make Madi insecure about her own relationship with Clarke, Flanery said:  I don’t think so because Clarke has taught her to really trust the people that have now come down. She’s been taught to trust them and see them as friends and heroes, so I don’t think it has been that hard.” #GoodParenting

Flanery, already hip to the TV spoiler game, wouldn’t give us any specific details on which other characters her character will be spending a lot of time with, but did say: “I can’t tease a lot about that stuff just yet, but she does end up forming some bonds with Clarke’s friends.”

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Despite only appearing in two episodes so far, Flanery has already been embraced by the incredibly active The 100 fandom. “It makes me so happy, and it’s so amazing because they’re so positive and so supportive,” said Flanery of The 100 fans. “It really makes me so happy, every single one of them.”

The 100 Season 5 airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. For more information on what to expect next, check out our The 100 news hub, with episode promos, synopses, and a guide to our reviews.