The 100 Season 5: Bob Morley on the Bellarke Reunion

What's next for Bellamy in The 100 Season 5? We talked to Bob Morley about his character's relationships with Clarke and Madi.

Last week’s episode of The 100 ended on an emotional cliffhanger, with Bellamy walking into the lion’s den to negotiate with Diyoza for Clarke’s release. Before the third act of that episode, neither character knew the other was alive during their six year separation. Tonight, we will see Bellamy and Clarke properly reunited. What can we expect from the Bellarke reunion?

“He’s obviously overjoyed that Clarke is alive,” Bob Morley told Den of Geek during a phone interview previewing Episode 4. “This person who was his mentor in him becoming the man who he is now, in terms of using his head more.”

Morley added:

I think both of them are very relieved to see each other, I think it’s something they didn’t realize they actually relied on so much throughout … [They] didn’t realize just how important the other person was to them and how integral they were in being able to develop. I think there’s a lot of that, always, underneath all the plot that has to be driven through and the story that’s being told. I think there’s a lot of relief and understanding and respect that the two of them have for each other.

While Morley said that Bellamy’s reunion with Clarke is “obviously quite amazing for him,” their relationship is not unaffected by the loyalties and new relationships they’ve built up over the past six years.

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“They’ve both changed quite a lot, and Clarke now has Madi,” teased Morley. “Madi is her main objective, keeping her safe and looking after her. I think the core values are very much the same, but their alliances have changed quite a lot.” 

Bellamy and Madi had one of the most epic character introductions in the history of The 100 in last week’s “Sleeping Giants,” which saw Madi swooping in to save Bellamy and the rest of the Ringers from certain death at the Eligius priosoners’ hands, and then asking for their help in saving Clarke. What will the relationship between Bellamy and Madi look like as Season 5 moves forward?

“Bellamy has always had this affinity towards kids,” said Morley, “and I think he feels vaguely responsible  for them inherently. He always has. Even though Madi obviously saved his life. I think there’s a lot of story to be told there between Madi and Bellamy. Lola is a fantastic little actress, and she’s great to work with.”

While Madi may complicate things between Bellamy and Clarke (though, let’s be real, when has this relationship never not been complicated?), Morley said she also holds the key to them coming back together following their separation.

“I think that Madi, in a way, holds the key for Bellamy and Clarke to be able to work together,” teased Morley. “Madi is quite integral in terms of the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke.”

Of course, it’s no fun just reading about what will happen with Bellamy, Clarke, Madi, and the rest of The 100 gang moving forward—it’s much more fun to watch, and Morley said Episode 4 is one of the most important episodes of the season.

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“Episode four is a really cool one I’m excited for them to see,” said Morley. “Not just because it’s the next one, but because it’s the one that really brings the stories all together. Were kind of seeing our first three [episodes] building up the different worlds, and episode four is one where they all kind of come to a point and the bigger story is about to get told, in a sense.”

“Pandora’s Box” airs tonight on The CW at 9 p.m. ET. For more information on what to expect next, check out our The 100 news hub, with episode promos, synopses, and a guide to our reviews.