Teen Wolf: The Movie Ending Explained

Does the ending of Teen Wolf: The Movie leave room for more lycanthropic misadventures?

TEEN WOLF: THE MOVIE -- TEEN WOLF: THE MOVIE streaming on Paramount+.
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This article contains spoilers for Teen Wolf: The Movie.

TV cancellations are even more regular than a full moon these days, so there’s something to be said for Teen Wolf‘s almost animalistic tenacity. Hailing from the days when shows actually reached six seasons, MTV’s soft reboot of the ‘80s movie was canceled after a mammoth 100 episodes in 2017.

But like people always say, you can’t keep a good lycanthrope down, because six years later, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and his pack are back with the first of what could be many Teen Wolf movies.    

In fact, judging by how Teen Wolf: The Movie ends, it looks like creator Jeff Davis is counting on it.

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How Does Crystal Return?

Scott’s no longer a “Teen Wolf” in Teen Wolf: The Movie because the film jumps ahead 16 years. McCall’s still an Alpha, but he’s now in his mid thirties, and his pack is scattered. It’s not long before everyone returns to Beacon Hills though to fight Nogitsune and help Allison return to the land of the living. 

Yep, that’s right. Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) is back after she died all those years ago at the end of season three. It turns out that her spirit can’t cross over, so Scott, Lydia Martin (Holland Roden), Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes) and other faves reunite to save their lost friend. Except, various supernatural shenanigans backfire on the group, and instead bring Allison back to life. But this isn’t our Allison, not exactly.

Without her memories, the deceased hunter becomes easy prey for Nogitsune who turns her against the others. Cue a lot of fights and a lot more wolfsbane. Eventually, Allison realizes the truth when Scott reminds her of what they once shared: “Remember the Winter Formal? It was the first time I told you that I love you…”

And with that, Allison finally stops trying to kill Scott and starts to trust him instead, even though her memories are still a tad foggy. 

What’s Nogitsune Up To?

Meanwhile, Nogitsune has spent most of the movie imprisoning Scott’s pack in a shadow dimension which just so happens to occupy the same space as Beacon Hills High School Stadium. 

Among the captured are Derek “Daddy” Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) and Eli (Vince Mattis), his son. That is, until Nogitsune throws Eli straight into the stadium during a lacrosse match. As evil deeds go, it’s a biggie, but thankfully, Eli escapes the game in time to tell Scott what’s going on with his dad and the others.

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Close by, that annoying chemistry teacher, Adrian R. Harris (Adam Fristoe) has returned to take advantage of all this supernatural mayhem for his own sinister gains. After a tense confrontation, he ends up shooting Jackson more than once and effectively holds Lydia hostage, stopping her from saving everyone else.

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, a force field has also been erected around the stadium, trapping ten thousand people inside. Thankfully, Scott has an idea.

Scott’s Big Game Plan

If the game isn’t stopped, thousands could die, so Scott comes up with a genius plan to put on a lacrosse jersey and join the game. Without his skills, the match could go into sudden death, keeping the players on field even longer. Yep, really. Eli, the school’s new resident “Teen Wolf”, pitches in too, wearing the same number jersey that Scott used to wear when he was at school…

A few revelations later — Eli’s scared of transforming because of Daddy Hale, Lydia left Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) because she dreamed he would die in a car crash with her — the others topside end up joining Nogitsune in the realm below.

During a big battle with Nogitsune’s Oni henchmen, Lydia saves Allison with her banshee scream. You know, the one she refused to use up until this point. Upon hearing her name screamed out LOUD, Allison suddenly remembers everything. Cue adorable flashbacks to her life with Scott from seasons 1-3.   

Does Scott Die?

Realizing he’s lost the upper hand, Nogitsune holds a knife to Eli and offers Allison a deal. If she kills Scott, then everyone else can go free. A bit petty, if you ask us, but Allison agrees, shooting three arrows into her ex’s heart.

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It’s all a ruse though — psych! — because the arrows burn away thanks to the fox fire that was hidden away inside of Scott. Allison then shoots an arrow into Nogitsune’s head and the battle continues!

At that moment, Jordan “Hellhound” Parrish (Ryan Kelley) uses his melty hand power to break through the force field and bring reinforcements down below. Eli helps free Derek and the others who have been tied up this whole time too. Together, father and son then face off against Nogitsune with Scott’s help. But gasp, another twist!

Who Dies in the Teen Wolf Movie?

To fend off the wolves, Nogitsune traps them each in a separate, color-coded room. Yep, the fight’s still going on, but at least it’s somewhere new. It doesn’t take long for everyone to see through the illusion though thanks to a well-timed wolf howl that syncs everyone up again. 

Back in the shadow realm, Parrish holds Nogitsune down, ready to finish him off good. However, he’s not strong enough alone, so Derek jumps in, sacrificing himself to finally bring this fight to an end. “Eli is part of your pack now,” he says to Scott, and with that, both Derek and the mean riddle guy light up in flames. 

Derek almost died a lot in this film, but he’s definitely dead dead this time around. We’re almost sure of it. There’s even a memorial for him, and everything.     

How Does Scott’s Story End?

As the Alpha, Scott leads Derek’s service by recounting their very first meeting: “Derek Hale was the first person to teach me that you don’t just get the family you were born with. You get the family that you find.”

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Afterwards, Sheriff Noah Stilinski (Linden Ashby) gives Eli the keys to his son’s jeep with a heartwarming speech about resilience: “All you’ve got to do is keep it running. Just keep it going.” 

And keep it going he will, but first, Teen Wolf takes us full-circle with a happy ending for Scott and Allison where they reunite and embark on a new future together. It’s cute and adorable and everything that #Scallison shippers could hope for.

But wait, there’s more! 

How the Teen Wolf Movie Sets up a Sequel

Just when you thought Teen Wolf: The Movie had howled its last, the film cuts to Adrian Harris facing arrest in the dark of night. Except, he’s not going to prison, per se. Dr. Conrad Fenris (John Posey) appears to tell Adrian that he’s going to be placed at a “far more suitable detention facility” instead AKA Eichen House psychiatric hospital where Fenris works as the Chief Medical Officer.

If you thought the good doctor was dead, you’d be wrong. Expect to see more of him and the supernatural creatures held captive in his hospital moving forward if or when another film is made. 

Fenris himself hints as much when he tells Adrian that he’s heard plenty of stories about teenage werewolves in the past. “There’s always a new one,” he adds with a cheeky smile to the camera, which of course then cuts to Eli looking over Beacon Hills with his beady yellow eyes. It looks like there’s a new Teen Wolf in town, which means Scott’s time as Alpha might soon come to an end.

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Teen Wolf: The Movie is available to stream on Paramount+ now in the U.S. and will premiere Friday, Jan. 27 on Paramount+ in the U.K.