Dylan O’Brien on Saying Goodbye to Teen Wolf: ‘That Show Means the World to Me’

The Maze Runner and American Assassin star reflects on the series that put him on the map.

Last weekend, fans of the long-running MTV series Teen Wolf got to say goodbye to the cast of the show during its final panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, where the show has been a regular presence for its entire six-year run. Dylan O’Brien, who has played Stiles on the program since the beginning (although he’s been largely absent for the first half of Season 6) and has graduated to movies like The Maze Runner, Deepwater Horizon and the upcoming American Assassin, spoke with us about Teen Wolf coming to a close and the impact it’s had on his life:

“That show means the world to me, man. It was the first thing I ever did, the first role I ever played, first job I ever got. It’ll always be super special to me. The success that it ended up having is amazing and we could have never predicted that from the eight-day pilot presentation that we shot, we would get all the way to 100 episodes. It’ll always be one of the things I’m most proud of, absolutely. I’ll miss the character and I’ll miss the people.”

O’Brien was able to make it to Comic-Con as well and said he appreciated the chance to see the fans one more time:

“It was great to go down there and do one last panel. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for the world. I’m gonna miss it, man. It’s gonna be sad next year not going to Comic-Con and doing a Teen Wolf panel.”

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Fans will get to see plenty of O’Brien in the months ahead: American Assassin opens on September 15, while the closing Maze Runner chapter, The Death Cure — which was delayed when O’Brien suffered a serious injury on set — will finally open on February 18, 2018. As for Teen Wolf, the second half of its sixth and last season kicks off this Sunday, July 30, on MTV at 8 p.m. ET.

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