Supernatural: Our Little World Review

In a pivotal episode, we learn more about Castiel and Crowley. Here's our Supernatural review...

Supernatural Season 11 Episode 6

Revelations and fights galore in this chapter of the Winchester Saga. We get a pivotal episode that develops the characters of Castiel and Crowley further, while hinting that more fiendish exploits are in store for Amara.

The writers really play up the symbiotic relationship between the King of Hell and Amara, likening it to a parent with an unruly child. Crowley’s even reading a book on parental advice, “Understanding Your Rebellious Teen,” while he’s supposed to be paying attention at a demonic business meeting. Amara sneaks in after an outing consuming a soul and walks in on bare feet, holding her shoes, like a teenager who snuck out for a party. Very funny imagery, and the lightheartedness helped in these scenes to expand upon Crowley’s interest in raising his adopted kid.

Hey Crowley, do you remember that son you used to have? You hated the bastard. Guess if you’re not all powerful, he doesn’t want to go to Parent-Teacher Night. 

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Crowley was right to tell Amara to slow her ravenous appetite down. Sure, I think he said it for purely selfish reasons, knowing a grown Amara would equal an entity even harder to control. From a season arc perspective, this concept stretches out the inevitable final confrontation of Amara at the end of the season. She’s growing too ridiculously fast for the Winchester boys to catch up.

Cas is showing some weakness. He’s having panic attacks, recalling the Attack Dog spell put on him by Rowena. Now instead of binging on Netflix, he’s watching trash TV. By some miracle, Cas sees news footage of a murder captured by a stringer — Metatron. He confronts him, in an amusing and somewhat tense scene. Metatron hints that the Demon Tablet is hidden so obscurely, Cas would never find it. Cas then holds it up and states, “You hid it under your mattress. You realize you have bedbugs?” This scene had the opportunity to bounce between those funny lines to the real tension between Castiel and Metatron until the climactic moment. Metatron reveals: God has a sister, and her name is the Darkness.

The Winchesters didn’t take center stage for all of the episodes, but when they did appear they worked smarter, not harder. Sam and Dean capture Crowley’s assassin in a really brilliant move. Dean also used an old Crowley voice mail as bait for his remaining demons. As the demon rushed Dean, Sam tackled him from the side. Nice thinking boys. I’d like to see more of this planning ahead and less blindly rushing into situations. 

Unfortunately, we also eventually see an old Supernatural staple: Sam being choked. Guys, what is it with choking Sam? There’s at least one montage on YouTube. Go ahead, I’ll wait. 

At the very end, we see Sam’s vision: a cage-like cell suspended by chains in the stormy darkness of what looks like Hell. A hand pokes through the bars. Is this God, sending Sam these messages? Or possibly Michael, the archangel who has been stuck in battle with Lucifer since an epic season finale. Oh yeah, and the Winchesters had a half brother down there but everyone seems to forget. Adam who?

Dean later hesitates to kill Amara, which leads directly to her escape. He’s going to hear about that one from his brother for a while. We can only wonder why Dean hesitated. Is it because he believes what Amara said about there being a connection between them? Only time will tell.

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5 out of 5