Supernatural: We Happy Few Review

The forces of good, evil and more evil band together to take on The Darkness. Is it going to be enough?

This Supernatural review contains spoilers.

Supernatural: Season 11 Episode 22

I spoke too soon at the end of the last review. This was not the season finale. It seems CW shows are trending towards longer than the typical 22-episode season these days. My bad. Moving on.

The Winchesters had to deal with a bunch of baggage before they could move ahead with the plan to trap Amara – but this time the “no chick flick moment” belonged to Chuck and Lucifer. Lucifer made a perfect example of a brooding teenager, complete with sulking in a room listening to loud rock music, demanding that Dad have a chat with him. Sam and Dean as impromptu Dr. Phils gave me the giggles. Is this really how we’re ending this season, you guys? With God and Lucifer having a heart-to-heart? I dig it.

The father imagery made a lot of Chuck’s interactions in this episode very funny. From his fatherly chat with brooding “son” Lucifer to serving Sam and Dean pancakes while drinking out of his World’s Greatest Dad mug, Chuck seems like an absent father with custody trying to do the right thing for his kids. It was appropriate, light hearted imagery that played well with the emotional angle and made Chuck more than just an all-powerful entity, but a character with thoughts and feelings.

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Let’s talk about the other players in this war against Amara. Crowley is brought into the fray shortly after his Trump-like speech to his minions falls on deaf ears. He can’t make Hell great again if the demons don’t trust him anymore. He has a stake in this fight against Amara, because it means it could get him respect. Crowley’s had a rather rough year, being at the whims of Amara, Rowena and Lucifer. He needs some of that old Crowley mojo back, though I think he’s changed so much as a character that it might be impossible for him to truly gain the same power he had before.

Rowena’s task in this episode was to play the part of the traitor revealing God’s presence to Amara – which is perfect because she probably would have done that anyway, just to play both sides. She did make sure to suck up to Chuck the minute she met him, and was giddy over how he called her a “guilty pleasure” to watch.

I do wish we could have seen Castiel involved in the action in this episode. He returns briefly to try to convince the angels to join the fight. It would have been nice if, say, Chuck let Lucifer have his old vessel (Mark Pellegrino) and Cas could have been free to help out on the ground level. Can’t have everything, I guess. Maybe that could happen in the season finale?

Sam and Dean’s story took a backseat to the tensions and in-fighting present between Chuck, Lucifer, Crowley and Rowena, but we do see a hint of problems that will crop up for the boys. Dean is still unhealthily attached to Amara. This frightens me, because it seems likely that he might interfere somehow to keep Amara from being destroyed (with Chuck supposedly dying, there’s no stopping Lucifer from trying a killing blow, and Dean could freak out and stop him). I don’t want to think Dean would do such a thing, but like I’ve said before, Amara is like an addiction. He can’t help it. It’s all due to that awful Mark of Cain.

That leads to the next problem: Sam made an agreement with Chuck, without either Dean or us knowing, that he would take the Mark from Amara. There’s going to be some serious repercussions if this goes through. I, for one, am not eager to see a “Sam struggling with the Mark” season because that will seem too similar to what happened with Dean. Things likely won’t go down that exact road, so there’s another twist or two headed our way in relation to that secret deal.

Let’s see how everything pans out next week.

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5 out of 5